Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ladies and any potential gentlemen...

...of the scrapbooking kind.

This post is for you.

Do you happen to be a European? Do you also happen to be a happy scrapper who's in need (or in want) of some new, fun things to add to your current stash?
Well - you might just be in luck!!

See, my faaantastic and extremely generous boss over at A Daily Inspiration/ScrapbookMate also runs this super thrifty outlet.
You know? The one I'm always writing about, because she keeps THE best stuff at the best prices? Remember?
Yeah, I thought you'd know...! ;)

Anyhow - she's not "only" spoiling the DT.
She's also looking to spoil one of YOU!

Here's the deal:
You know I have this thing for flowers, right?
Well - Heidi knows too!
That's why the came up with this very fun, very Zarah'ish contest for you all!

What we want you to do, is to simply guess how many flowers are in the jar in the picture below!

That's easy enough, don't you think? After you've abused your brain with the guess work, it's time for your fingers to get some excercise. Just grab one (or both) of the blinkies I am providing - and add it to your blog, linking it to
After that's done - comment here with a link to your blog AND your flowery guess, of course.

Simple? Yes, indeed!

And what's in it for you, you ask?
Well - apart from the obvious (a store that carries the good stuff at amazing prices) you COULD also be the VERY happy winner of no less than...

a €30 shopping spree in the shop. And - to top that up...: shipping is free!

Not bad, ey? Well - there's more:
You'll also get the jar of flowers added to the package, once you order!

Here's the fineprint:
Last day to enter is in a week, Wednesday August 19:th at midnight, Swedish time. The winner will be announced the following Friday.
You have to be a resident of the European Community, to enter the contest.
Also, if the case of countries not within the EU trading zone (Switzerland and Norway for example) any additional customs tariffs have to be paid for by the winner.

So - whatcha waiting for? Start spreading the word and guess away!
For a second chance of winning - post about this contest on your blog, on facebook or on twitter. Link back here in a second comment and if you're choosing the facebook/twitter-approach, add a link to a screenie. If you're blogging it - link to the blogpost, not to the front page of your blog. Thanks!


Here are two logos to choose from:

15 sweethearts left feedback:

Fanny said...

so fun zarah!!!

Anna said...

Why, yes, I DO happen to be European! And not only that, I am ALWAYS in need of new, fun things to add to my current stash! *big grin*

Oh my gosh, this was a super-generous blog-candy/competition! Here is the link to my blog, where you can find the birdie-blinkie in the column on the right.

So, on to my guess on how many yummy flowers there are in that lovely jar. *counting*

My guess is.... there are.... 213 flowers!

Thanks for this FUN idea! :D

Anna said...

Oh, and I have, of course, linked to the competition in my blog as well:

Sofia said...

Ok lets see I´ve post the link to the shop in my blog-check
I´ve asked my blogreaders to check this contest out- check
so it leaves the big one how many flowers?...i´ll have to guess that there´s 342 flowers in the jar.

DrAnnika said...

OH EXCITING *bouncing*

I guess there are 235 flowers in the jar.

I have blogged about this and hope that this will attract even more people here!!

Kajsa said...

Ahhh, hard to count these. Say 301?

Kajsa said...

And the link:

emmy said...

hmmm, jag tror att du har tryckt ihop dom riktigt riktigt bra.. och har en massa små!!
så siffran 514 bara kom till mig!
När jag var tolv vann jag faktiskt en hel julkorg med mat för att jag hade gissat rätt vikt på en skinka, men sedan dess ingen tur :)

självklart har jag både bloggat och blinkat!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope for beginner's luck! My guess is 302 flowers in the jar ...

And look ... I have linked in my blog!

milaja said...

I think I accidently posted before I was done ...

Guess: 302 flowers

Sasa said...

I say there are 179 flowers!

Thanks for the fun!

2Angels said...

What a fab competition! I will guess 312 flowers!

2Angels said...

And the link to my blog post!

carina said...

I guess there are 249 flowers in the jar=)

Pysselmajan said...

Vilken kul tävling! Jag tror det ryms mååånga blommor i den där burken, den ser välpackad ut! :) Jag gissar på 419 blommor.
Självklart har jag bloggat och använt den ena bilden i inlägget!