Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh well...

...should we have another LO while I'm elsewhere?

View it as muzak.
It's a DCVW-layout I made for A Daily Inspiration. You can read a little more about it here, if you'd like. Model on the photos is the adorable, beautiful Anna.

I'm not really active here right now. Summer holiday is close to being over, I've got tons of things to do (and postponing them is about all I REALLY do. Veronica Mars is an excellent "waste of time" while you do none of the things you probably should) and ♥M♥ is coming home soon!

So how are YOU?
Is your vacation over, or did it just start? Did you gete everything you wanted out of this summer, regardless of what that "everything" is for YOU, or are you already longing for next summer vacation to come around the bend?
I hope you had the best summer ever. Each & every one of you.

3 sweethearts left feedback:

LG said...

Love the way you conceptualize your designs Zarah! Colors are perfect! I love this

Sasha said...

LOVE this .. it is beautiful ..

eMeLiNe Seet said...

GORGEOUS my friend... i wish i stay in Europe !!