Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Everybody sing this song...

...dooodaaah dooodah...!

That's my happy song. I have been singing it a LOT lately.
The reason?

Well - let me count them all for you!
  1. I have another LO in ScrapStreet this month.
  2. The Nook September kit is amaaazing.
  3. One of my LOs made it onto top10 at 2Peas. It's bumped out now, but still. :)
  4. I won something. Can't say what yet, because I don't think it's official.
  5. Did I mention the Nook kits? Because the October one is looking like it'll be juuuust as fab as this one. Check out the add-ons...!
  6. Oh - and DH is home. I know, I've said that before. But it's still wonderful!
So. Did you come here for pictures, not for the ramblings of a madwoman?!

Aye aye madame!
(And any sir that might be looking?)

This is a Nook layout.
More to come!

Photo taken by my übertalented DH - and slightly edited by me. It's just as pretty when it's straight from the camera - just not as dirty. I like dirty right now... ;)

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