Friday, September 04, 2009

Honey, I'm home!...

...didya miss me?!

It's been a while!
The explanation is very simple:
I've enjoyed having my better half back home with me.
Feeling whole is such an amazing thing!

Apart from that, we took a vacation. Photos will be up later, but here's the short version:
Five days in Skåne. Österlen. A romantic getaway with a hotel stay in Kivik - with flowers, a small bottle of cava, fruits and chocolates at the room, a nice 3 course dinner plus sauna and massage included. A balcony with sea view. The best company I could wish for - meaning DH.
After that - car trips, two days of intense and fun sightseeing. Visiting, and staying with, the inlaws. A boat trip on the Malmö canal. Crayfish party.
1600 photos.


The LO below is made using the Nook's August kit, and a stamp from Queen Kat Designs, that I won in Irene Tan's blogg. Isn't it cute?!
The model is my adorable grandma. She's camera shy to boot, but at my sister's wedding, I finally got to take some photos of her - to my delight.
My darling, sweetheart Sissan!

7 sweethearts left feedback:

~Sasha Farina~ said...

welcome back sweetheart.. so glad you had a great time with your soulmate :)

eMeLiNe Seet said...

wheet ! can't wait to see those Rrromantic pictures :)

SundayL said...

I came across from Scrapperlicious' blog! Your layout is so nice, I decided to include it within my weekly Blog Round-Up to serve as inspiration to my readers! I particularly like the fact that your layout is not a specific vintage theme for an older person, could suit any age.
Thank You for sharing and well done on your win.

miacaniza said...

Can't wait to see your pictures Zarischka! Love that layout!

Erica said...

I missed ya of course. I am jelous of the getaway time..and I too want to see some pictures!

I love the layout, you know your still my hero :o)

Christiane said...

i know what you're talking about!!
you did a great page!! :))

Amie said...

your vacation sounds absolutely amazing! I love that you took 1600 photos. I get teased for the amount of photos I take on family vacations, and I have 5 people in my family! Go forth and shoot!