Sunday, September 13, 2009

The muzak-birdie of today...

...proudly presents:

One layout.
The oldnew. Newold. Old new one. The one I made before the last one, but that hasn't yet been shown. Until now. Well - you get it! ;)
I blame all of this slow un-showiness on the grey clouds that hover outside my window. Or rather pretty far from my window - but that still make it very hard to get decent photos.

At least the models are sweeter than cupcakes! My beloved grandfather and his girlfriend, since 40 years back. The photo's taken on my sister's wedding and it makes me all happy and gooey inside. They're just so CUTE together!

Paper & dekos are from the September Nook kit. I think there are still a few left. Unless they've sold out like right now - which isn't improbable at all, considering how amazing they are!...
So hurry - get yours today. They might be gone tomorrow!