Saturday, October 10, 2009


...the visual way!

This is Maria a.k.a "Hattifnatt" a.k.a "Fnatt".
The title of the LO is a wordplay, or pun if you will. Non translatable, unfortunately.
Sometimes, she's somewhat tricky to take pictures of, because she'll give you the evil eye and bite you!
Yeah, okay, I'm exaggerating somewhat. A lot, actually. But she DOES get a bit cranky after you aim the camera at her for the fiftyeleventh time in an hour... Strange, huh?...


Anyhow - I'm extremely brave & courageous. I defy her evil eye & keep shooting!
Sometimes, a few choice words can crack her up... and sometimes - exhaustion from being at the front end of the camera for ages, does the same.

On these photos I THINK option A might be the correct one. Not sure though... :P
(You can never be too certain, when it comes to me. I'm exceptionally stubborn.)

LO made for A Daily Inspiration, and a list of supplies, techniques etc, can be found in the blog!

5 sweethearts left feedback:

NICOLE said...

beautiful!! And I love your photo :) Very nice!

Lydia said...

really sensational page, love the layers, the bling and the great shapes. good job!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

hey stubborn gal :) U Rawk those Graphic 45 papers !! love these eye candy !

Darien said...

Your Work is Amazing! Love it!

Christiane said...

wow, this page is truly an eyecatcher!! :))