Friday, October 09, 2009

"Oh my love...

...for the first time in my life - my eyes are wide open."

Okay, maybe that's not entirely true... but the song knocks me over every time.
The Martin L Gore version from Counterfeit II. It's amazing!
It always makes me think of DH.
And yes - we played it at our wedding too.

Anyhow. That's not related to the LO, really!
What is, is the fact that my DH is amazing. He still has me weak in the knees, butterflyish in the tummy and oh so happy that he chose ME!
He does make me a better person. For real.
He never gives up.
Not on me, not on anything. He just keeps trying and trying - and he pushes me to do the same. To not give up and curl up into foetal position and cry (which is probably more natural for me) but to instead take another deep breath, and ten more steps. Keep breathing. Then repeat.

This is him on one of the high points of Skåne. He kept pushing me. Just a little further. And I followed.
It was hard, sometimes, and I definitely felt out of breath at some parts but we reached the top.

It just felt very typical... so I scrapped it.

I've used the October Nook-kit here.
Speaking of rocks...
That kit does! ;)

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Christiane said...

holy moly, you did it again:
so much eyecandy in the last posts!! :)
have a fab weekend!!