Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Unconditional love...

...but not mine.

Makes no sense?
Allow me to enlighten you.

My friend Linda
has the cutest kids. Three little blonde angels - funny and sweet to boot!
This one, is the youngest. Usually a ray of sunshine but this day, he was seriously annoyed with his mom & dad for making him have dinner when all he wanted was to try the new swing set (that was yet to be secured into the ground - thus not a very good playground until after dad got his dinner and secured it. You see my point? *grins*).
So, how does a little fella react to such injustices?
Well - like this:

...and he's still adorable!
Not quite sure that was part of his plan...? ;)

For a list of supplies, and a how to-guide, hop over to A Daily Inspiration.

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