Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My darling...


And me. Of course. I'm like a tattoo on that poor man!

Ok, so now I've been playing outside my box, like good girl, for a while. I must admit it feels good to fall back into the soft, rugged, flowery routines of my usual style.
Warm, harmonic and welcoming, somehow.

...but that doesn't mean I won't be doing more of the cleaner ones. I like them, too!

LO made for ScrapbookMate/A Daily Inspiration.
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4 sweethearts left feedback:

Ruth said...

Which ever style you choose your work is always stunning!!

Angélique said...

Really beautiful layout !

Jamie said...

Gorgeous Lo! Go with whatever you're in the mood for:) Love all of your details, and fantastic design:)

LG said...

All your styles is amazing! So feel free to do whatever you want to do because Im sure it will always end up very beautiful