Saturday, November 07, 2009

Woke up in a sleeping house...

...with two bedroom doors shut.

Two little cats were sitting right outside, watching, and telling me exactly HOW dissatisfied they were with the whole situation. Especially since I had been evil enough to also close the door to my scraproom/office (for some reason I don't appreciate waking up to pawprints on the photos I've laid out...)

This will only be a short update, because DH's alarm just went off and we're gonna fix breakfast and then wake the inlaws up.
Photo freindly day ahead.
Here's a Nook-LO (made from the November kit, some add-ons and remains of the extras from a former OA-kit) to look at while you ponder what I could have written if this hadn't been such a SHORT post. Hope you think of something good! *giggles*

Have a nice weekend!

Ps. You're aware that it's almost time for one of our popular Virtual Crops at the Nook again? It's not something you'll want to miss. Promise!

5 sweethearts left feedback:

Mireille said...

such an awesome layout again!
Lovely Zarah!!

Christiane said...

you did it again: love all your pages, girl!! :))

Monique said...

Those photos are so touching... love how you used them in this layout. It's really beautiful.

Lydia said...

such a beautiful layout, love the deatil shots!

Mimosa said...


beautiful layout!! love the colors!

XXx from Paris