Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Deal of a lifetime...

...over @ the Nook!!

If you sign up for a 6 month subscription now (until the 15:th) and use the coupon code 6MO when you check out, you will receive a credit of $20.10 to your account!!

You can get a LOT of pretty add-ons (or whatever your heart desires in the shop) for that kind of money - and you know what? It gets better. I happen to know that there are more goodies planned for the subscribers this year so... Plans that will make being a subscriber better & more valuable than ever before.
Sign up today - you've got nothing to lose!

Read the forum thread here. It'll straighten out any question marks you might have.

Ps. Did you know? MyScrapbookNook can now be found on Facebook too!! Join us today!

Ps2. This weekend, there'll be a bloghop over at the Nook! Don't miss it!