Saturday, January 23, 2010

I has a happy... goes something like this:

It feels gooooooood!

Today, I've been at the re-opening of a store, to see my good friend Henrik and his wife perform. Henrik is a jester (actually, so is Johanna, but this time, Henrik did all the fire breathing, knife juggling and random jestering, while Johanna face painted the kids and... me...) and very talented, at that! My tummy is ACHING from all the laughing! His wife, Johanna, is pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever met, and if that wasn't enough - their son is quiiiiite the little charmer...!

The little gentleman wasn't there today, though. He was at the very nice breakfast of "grandma & grandpa's" while his parents performed. Bummer! ;)
At least i got some pretty purple face swirls and lots of hugs & laughter out of it, right?! ;)

I feel like scrapping, so I won't be blabbering anymore.
Here's a card made from the January Nook kit that I made, and if you'd wanna make one like it, there's a class over @ the Nook that'll take you through the making of it. It's easy!
Have a great weekend!

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