Friday, January 29, 2010

It's the perfect weather...

...for reading!

When it's this grey and snowy and cold outside, I love to just cuddle up with a blanket, a nice BIG cup of tea, some good lighting and a brand new (meaning: unread) book!

In the spirit of that opinion, I started a challenge, over at The Nook.
Make bookmarks!
The fun part? Two more of my scrappy friends, Linda and Kate seemed to have the same idea - as they've just been making bookmarks as well! It was acually Kate that gave ME the idea.
Tag along on the "trend", why dontcha?!

These are my bookmarks, all made from one sheet of CS plus th eleftovers of my beloved January Nook kit.
Crappy images, sorry - hope you can see them well enough anyway. :)
Have a nice Friday!

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