Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm sorta in the middle of...

...everything, lately

But in a GOOD way
Three projects undergoing, that all need my immediate love, attention and my undivided mojo & inspiration. How ever that's works? But I think it's a lot like love. No matter how many people you give it to, it never diminishes. More the opposite, actually. Mojo is like love, that way, I think.
Apart from that, I've sort of turned my scraproom upside down (I'm currently sitting on the ceiling. Yeah - ok. Not quite like that...) in a vain attempt to create some kind of order to the chaos.
I think spring must be on its way. I always fall headfirst into some kind of organizational madness during springs...! ;)

Then, there are meetings, meetings, meetings, phonecalls to be made, a 90'th Birthday Party to attend (my darling beloved grandpa!) and after thaaaaat, when I have some spare time, I'm scrapping for fun! Like the other day, for one of the fuuun sketches at Skissedilla!
...and you know what?

Yesterday, when I was having one of those really lousy days, I saw that my LO "u and i" was actually one of the chose one in "Dilla på 7"!
Typical thing that makes a day WAY better!

So, ok... Ho-ho Ho-ho - it's off to work I go. The mess in here needs to be taken care of. Stat. I'm also gonna be having coffee with my sweet dad while anxiouysly awaiting the postman who should (at least) bring me my photos today.
It's a good thing I'm a woman - and know hos to multitask!!

LO made with MyScrapbookNook's February kit.

5 sweethearts left feedback:

iris uy said...

gorgeous! Love the way you arranged the papers on different levels.

Monique said...

Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog :). I'm sorry to learn you had a similar bad day yesterday and of course you're very welcome to "borrow" our balloon idea! Big hug!!

Monique said...

Totally forgot to tell you how I love your layout!! It's gorgeous!

Camilla's hjemmekos said...

Sitter her og beundrer dine verker♥
Så godt å se at folk scrapper sin bedre halvdel!
Elsker LO'ene dine og blomstene som følger med♥♥

lauren said...

omg--you're SO RIGHT--creative mojo really is just like love in that way...the more you use it the more it seems to multiply! that is brilliant, you can add "philosopher" to your impressive multi-tasking list!

ps: i am love♥LOVE♥looOOoOOoving your recent LO's with their abundant white space, subtle distressing and profusion of big gorgeous dimensional flowers! pretty sure the next click of my mouse is going to take me forth to buy some of that divine pink paislee graph paper and A LOT of those amazing petaloos!!!!!!

(& it's all your fault, lol--THANK YOU!)