Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh happy day!...

...oh happy day...

*hums happily*

I am happy today.
You know.. If the title didn't give that away, sorta?
At a matter of fact, I am not only happy. I am very happy.
One part of those happy feelings, is the huge package I received yesterday. Filled to the brim with amazing stuff. Best package in like... forever. But I can't tell you who sent it. Yet.
Another reason why I am so very joyful, is the email I got ten minutes ago. It wasn't from a punk (even Clint Eastwood is happy. Sometimes.) - but it definitely made my day. ;)

Apart from being happy, I'm also developing a whole new set of skills. Knitting. Not with my hands, unfortunately - but with my stomach. It's knitted itself into a very strange ball of nervous gooeyness from awaiting the results of the current DT-call over @ the Nook. On Sunday, we get to find out who of us current DTers get to stay, and who among the absolutely phenomenal 25 finalists that are gonna turn into the next DT.
If you're not too busy, would you please crss your fingers for me?

The Lo was made using the Nook's February kit.
The wonderful, wonderful February kit
. ♥

5 sweethearts left feedback:

Nura Keif said...

Gorgeous!! Love it:-D

ania said...

Happiness is good! It's actually great!! Love the feeling......fingers crossed..!! :) :)

happydays525 said...

Gorgeous! They would be oh so lucky to have you! Good luck! =)

Christiane said...

holy moly, this is so GORGEOUS!!!

Monique said...

WTG Z!!! keeping my fingers crossed for you (but don't think you need it, LOL!).
And I ADORE this layout!! It's absolutely gorgeous!