Monday, March 22, 2010

"I don't pretend to be a saint...

...I am alive."

I'm doing the best I can, though. And that line? A quote from one of my favourite songs. Ten points and a gold star to whoever first names it, w/o Googling. ;)

So, what am I up to?
Scrapping, believe it or not! I made two more LOs yesterday, both for Petaloo. You wouldn't belieeeeve the amount of goodies that arrived here the other day (or how quickly their lines are diminishing under my trigger happy finger... *grins*).

I also made this LO last week, for a lift chain at cocoa daisy. Quite fun! I know, I know - it's not easy to tell it's a lift nut it IS. I lifted the rounded corners, the loving feeling, the letters around the edge and the quilt-work. See it it now?
See - I told you! I was QUITE inspired by Laura's beautiful LO!

And now?
Hi ho, hi ho - off to work I go.
Hope your week is starting out in the MOST fabulous way.