Friday, March 05, 2010

It's heeeere!...

...and I'm happy!

I got my copy of the PencilLines-book and oooh my - it's fantastic!

Needless to say: I'll be buried inside the goodness that's said book for the rest of the day - so there won't be any updates of the scrappier kind. ;)

Now, I was thinking I could do something else, for fun...
I am trying to visit new blogs and pay back the kindness of people who comment here - but I know I could do better... So...
What I want you to do is to leave a comment here if you want me to pop by your blog!
Simple as that - just say the word & I'll drop by!
(Unless it's locked or something - I've had that happen before. In that case: I will TRY but not succeed. *grins*)

Also - if there's a blog you know of (scrappy, preferably) that you think I'd enjoy - link that one too, why don't you?

Have a LOVELY Friday!
...and don't forget to order a copy of the PL-book. Believe me. It's WELL worth it!!

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