Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looooong weekend...

...really super long!

Since Tuesday, actually.
We've had four days off from school this past week, so I really should have gotten tons of stuff done, buuuut - it just so happens that one doesn't (necessarily) get anything more done during looooong weekends, than one does during the regular kind. Especially if "one" is me. This applies even more when DH isn't home to keep me in check... *grins*

So, ok - I've done SOME stuff.
You know... Baked, scrapped, been visited by dad&uncle, visited grandpa and his gf aaaand found out something that sounds almost too good to be true (which - being paranoid - I won't let you all in on until I am 100% sure that it's not a joke or a hoax or that something gets in the way...)

Anyhow. time to get back to the real world and start cleaning up a little in here before my next Petaloo kit arrives (I just can NOT clean while scrapping. It messes up my mojo and makes me forget my ideas.) while you, hopefully, hop off to the Nook to parttake in the sketch challenge I posted there. This LO was made after that sketch, by the way - and the cute model, was "borrowed" from Linda.

I've used:
Bazzill, PP from MME & OA, flowers from Petaloo.

2 sweethearts left feedback:

Sue said...

The photo is so cute, Zarah, and I love the clean lines in your layout. :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i'm with you.. i can't clean while scrapping. but i can;t start until the house is clean either. LOL.