Sunday, June 06, 2010

A boy... girly colours?

With this LO, I had the idea that I'd match the cute (I think) photo of Anton with flowers that aren't exactly classically boyish - and still try to make the LO all boy.
That's the way Anton rolls, you see! He is all for skirts (to lie in), pink (he adores my fuschia coloured throw, that's on my couch) and frilly hairbands (yeah, as toys - but still) and he's still... All Boy!

With this in mind - here's what I made.
Not a single piece of patterned paper. Just toooons of pretty Petaloo Peony Box Blends-flowers!
So - whatcha say? Did I succeed?
Is it still boyish?

6 sweethearts left feedback:

Kat said...

i absolutely love this layout!! i think it's so, so gorgeous...but all your layouts are! :)

Valscrap Démo Stampin up ! said...

Cette page est une merveille !

Silvercrona said...

Ny stil!? Aj lajk it!

Tara Orr said...

totally amazing - love what you've done mixing the black and the bold blooms - adore this!

Synnøve said...

Stunning! Love the colors and what u did with the background. Wonderful flowers and a beautiful cat!!!

Sue said...

I love this design, Zarah. The bold black strips coupled with bright flowers. Perfect!