Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I was challenged...

...by the über sweet, wickedly talented Anna!

She has some fun ideas, this lady! See, the thing is this:
A while back, she and "Finnabair"/Anna (another extraordinarily superduper talented scrapper) did this mutual lift challenge. They'd lift one of the other person's LOs - not telling THEM which one they picked - and then blog it, letting people guess what LO it was that they lifted.

I saw their lifts and was so inspired - so imagine my joy when Anna asked me if I wanted to do that challenge, with her, as well?!
Well, does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?
The answer was: Oooooh YES!

Now, what I want you to do is to surf onto Anna's stunning gallery on scrapbook.com and figure out which LO you think that I lifted, when making this.
When you think you know, leave a comment on this post telling me which LO you spotted, and link to it. I'll let you guess until 10:00 pm CET, on Sunday the 14:th at which point I'll read through your answers and pick one of the (hopefully) correct answers, to win a RAK from me.

Theeen, after you're done, of course you'll want to hop on over to Anna's fantastically inspiring blog and oogle, drool, swoon and bookmark it - after which you can get your guessing game on again by trying to figure out which one of my LO's she lifted!
I might add that I have yet to see it, as she has yet to see mine, so it'll be a fun surprise for us all!

Hope you wanna play!

Here's my layout:

I've used:
PP from MME, overlay by Hambly, flowers are all from Petaloo, leaves from Petaloo, circle sticker from Creative Imaginations, Tim Holtz-tickets, a CLP-stamp, a doily, currogated cardboard, Scrappers Floss, lace, ink, staplers, half pearls and "raindrop-gems".

13 sweethearts left feedback:

Fryne said...

wow, and wow again!!! it's 100% yours - I can't believe it's a lift ;)))
you do amazing things with papers and flowers - love how you framed the photo.
I have an idea which layout you chose but off to my gallery to check it :)

thanks for playing with me Hun.

Anna said...

Easy peasy, it's the wickedly beautiful "Vacation 2008" LO of course!


And Zarah, I ADORE your lift! *drools*

Mahlin said...

I love it! And you girls come up with the coolest way to challenge eachother.. I think you lifted this LO. http://www.scrapbook.com/gallery/source/238061/006abc.jpg

rosaliaa said...

It is so hard to find out :) even I'm Polish scraping blogger, knowing fryne's work very well... and admire :)
Going through all her Lo's I am confused but I will try to type.

The most probably is LO's titled "Vacation 2008"

greetings from Poland

rosaliaa said...

I forgot to write that I am also thinking about this LO

LOVE - http://www.scrapbook.com/galleries/238061/view/2586453/-1/20/1.html

Michelle said...

Hi Zarah, well it was easier to pick out which of your Los that Fryne had lifted from you ! but I would say you probably lifted her Vacation 2008 { altho there are little bits of "Till Death Do Us Part" that make me wonder. }Thanks for the chance to play. The ironic thing is that last night I actually lifted YOU! Seriously! I used your "Anna" and was about to post it in SB gallery this am but decided to cruise through the gallery first and saw this little compition !!! How coincidental is that? Speaking of which...must go post my Lo now. ! Michelle

Tanya Tahir said...

wow, I love this page!!!! You are so inspirational!

finnabair said...

wow, wow wow! great page - and I am so happy to find your blog ;) It goes stright into my faves of course ;)

Rach H said...

I love this challenge!

I'm going to go wild with my guess-

The greatest of all is love

Beautiful layout!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

what a great challenge. I love this idea. I'm guessing you lifted this layout: http://www.scrapbook.com/galleries/238061/view/2748135/-1/1.html
how fun!

Krystle said...

Your layout is beautiful and I think you lifted it from Anna's Vacation 2008 layout!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

totally yours Zarah, u have a knack for all things floral! Love those leaves too :) !!

Michelle said...

Just gorgeous!!! Both of you... amazingly talented you two are!! I love this!!! I am going to go with the Vacation 2008. Great job!! And how fun is this!!! Marked you as a favorite artist over at sb.com. So much inspiration from you both!!