Saturday, June 05, 2010

Look, it's me x 2... today's blogpost.

One ego boost (for me, that is) coming up! Hope you don't mind!?
First, there was this fantabulously sweet spotlight over @ A Million Memories, which made me all happy & giddy.
Thanks so much, guys! You toooootally made my day with your kind words and gooorgeous lifts! ♥

Aaaand then, I was asked by sweet Kate, if I wanted to be one of June's spotlighted scrappers, in her fab blog. Of course I did!
Thanks you, Kate!

Off I go, to plan & get into gear for Scrap-A-Ganza!
Will I see YOU there?!

Ps. If you haven't gotten the email about Scrap_a-Ganza - feel free to leave me a speparate comment with only your email address. I'll forward the email but I will not publish the post, so don't worry - no spam! *promises*

2 sweethearts left feedback:

Sue said...

Way to go Zarah!!!!! You totally deserve it. :)

Leonie said...

Woohoo!!! Well your work is just gorgeous as are you so why shouldnt you be celebrated!!!
Big Hugs