Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sometimes, I wish I were...

...somewhere else!

The trip is booked & paid for (yeah, but not by us. Old El Paso pays - courtesy of my winning that slogan contest...! ♥).
So - all that's left now is to wait and long for a whole bunch of long months...
...before we're there.

Just imagine all the places we'll see, places we'll go, stuff we'll do. Or not!
Yes, because some days, we'll just lie back, swinging in a hammock beneath the palm trees, breathing, being and watching the clouds sail by...
I can't wait.

LO made from the latest Nook-kit (you HAVE seen their current, insanely generous drive dhaven't you?!) and an added Petaloo-flower, after a prompt on Scrap Yourself.