Monday, June 14, 2010

Speaking of paradises...

...makes me think of this.

Last week, our classes had this really unsinspiring speaker. I'm sorry to say this, but he seemed totally focussed on his own splendidness, rather than conveying his wisdom (?) to us - so I sketched.

It's not like a big thing. These people, in the class, know that I concentrate better when my hands are busy - and this one time, I turned my doodles into squares, filled with shapes, rather than the usual flowers, eyes, random swirls... and at the end of the day I went home zero wisdoms richer, but with 18 new LO sketches.

I immediately tried one out, and this is what the result looks like:

See, lately I've been through some things that make me appreciate the simple things in life more. Actually - life as a whole. It wasn't my choice and I'd definitely rather not have this point of view shown in this way, but here I am. And there it is.

To quote Martin L Gore (and Depeche Mode)
"Is simplicity best - or simply the easiest?
The narrowest path is always the holiest.
So walk on barefoot for me. Suffer some misery.
If you want my love.

Man will survive the harshest conditions
And stay alive through difficult decisions
So make up you mind for me. Walk the line for me
If you want my love."

For me? Simplicity is definitely not always the easiest - but it's what I'm looking for.
Less fake, made up reality. Less time online. More hugs, more smelling the roses.
So if I update less frequently?
That's because I am out there. Walking the line.


7 sweethearts left feedback:

Casey Wright said...

This is beautiful! I saw this on the FRONT page of 2Ps - Congrats!

jk said...

totally love this LO! So fresh and beautiful and the design is just spot on as well. Those sketches were worth the boring lecture.

jk said...

Fabulous LO, just love this one so much.

Anna Sigga said...

This layout is absolutely stunning girl!! Love all the white!!

Tanya Tahir said...

this is stunning. I love this post. So true.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

what a gorgeous layout Z.. and go out there, enjoy yourself, i'll be here for you when you get back online again :)

lauren said...

HOLY MOLY how flippin' ♥BEAUTIFUL♥ is this??!?!? (i think 18 LO sketches is definitely getting your money's worth from that class...if not actually in the way mr. splendid intended!)

i am sorry to hear you have had some hard life lessons recently, but i admire how philosophical you are being about it...and it is generally true that those ARE the things that really change our lives for the better...but YIKES...i hope you're doing ok now and that there will be more smooth sailing for the present!!! ♥♥♥♥♥