Monday, June 07, 2010

You Two...

...are too cute together!

I just had to participate in interpreting Skissedilla's fantasticly gorgeous 62:nd sketch, whioch deadlined Sunday (and therefore, this LO was shown yesterday in my Swedish blog. I spammed it! Bad bad me!! *grins*).

Yet another LO without patterned papers, nut with lots of gorgeous, lush Petaloo - and clock faces. What's with the clock faces, Zarah?!
Oh, let me tell you the reason why. :)

Last month, we took the cats to their yearly vet's appointment, for shots and checkups. Imagine the horror, when they told us that darling Belle has a dental disease (quite common in cats, especially the breed that Belle's grandma was, apparently) and that she would have to undergo an operation. Sedated...

Now, since perople are so "sweet" and lovingly share their horror stories about cats/sedation, I was... well let me put it in a way that makes me seem more together than I was:
I was freaked out. I was a wreck. I was scared beyond reason.
It all went without a hitch, and Belle is quite well now. Better than ever, actually, now that her tooth doesn't ache and make her miserable. However, I got a prettily delivered, quite expensive set of lessons to re-learn, in case I'd forgotten them...

1. I love that cat to the moon and back. Even if she drives me nuts with her dramatic and LOUD "starvation" from time to time...
2. We need to use the time we have!
3. If you love someone - let them know. You never know when it's too late.

Thus: the clock faces.
Enough about that, here's my LO:

The beautiful flowers are from Petaloo, of course. They're called Peel n Stick Flowers/Daisy Layers and I've used two sets. One package of green ones, and one bigger package with both yellow and orange flowers. Love them!

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iris said...

wow! Amazing page ... again!

Christiane said...

your layouts are truly great!!
if you need kitten let me know!! ;)

Mickey said...

Gorgeous! It's stunning. Love the photo's, how cute can a man be with a cat in his arms!