Thursday, August 12, 2010

I did a little challenging...

...and sorta got caught up in it myself!

See, Kirsty Wiseman (the über talented sweetheart) had a vacationing mojo that wouldn't visit her. That's what she claimed, anyway. I don't believe her. I think her mojo is always in high gear because - let's face it - she's brilliant! Anyhow. I tossed together two challenges and a sketch -and she sorta threw the challenge back at me!
(I guess I should have cooked up something I COULD do? *giggles*)

The idea was to make a LO. We had an hour to make it, and here's the challenge:
Scrap an LO about YOU. Either it has to be more than five or less than two main colours on it. Use tags, buttons, staplers and lace. You cannot use any bought flowers, but home made are ok. The title has to have at least three different fonts and/or colours.

I cheated. It took me more than an hour. Besides, I only used one tag and my flowers might be sorta homemade, but they're on a bought base. Hope I don't get disqualified. ;)

Here's the LO:

The tag contains a short letter to my from myself, regarding the fact that I am going back to school this autumn. It's nervous and scary and wonderfully exciting!

...and yes, I do watch Glee. ;)

16 sweethearts left feedback:

Nita said...

*svimmar*, så vacker! både layouten och du.. oj.

lynne1 said...

Oh love the recycled bag you have used in the LO. Just gorgeous.
Oh all the best at gong back to study. What are you going to do?

Sue said...

Ooohhh! I love this layout, Zarah! Love the photos, the design, the paper bag and the almost invisible clear buttons. So gorgeous!!

emmy said...

your beautiful, your beautiful, it's true!!

assnygg LO oxå för den delen!

Du rockar mina sockar och jag får smockar av dina papperskrockar!

laterg8r said...

i love that you made cardboard and a paper bag look beautiful - fantastic page :D

Keri said...

Congrats and best wishes going back to exciting! LOVE the ways you used the trim here, and the way you distressed and crumpled the TH tickets...gorgeous!!!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

I adore your layout - its typically YOU - and very creative.

PS: Do it again soon?

Chloe :-) said...

A gorgeous page!!! Love the shabby look

mustavcoffee said...

What a fab challenge, love your work, you both did brilliantly:) xxx

Samantha said...

Z, this LO is absolutely STUNNING!!!
wow oh WOW!

sparklygirl-Tina said...

What a great idea to challenge each other and both your layouts are fantastic!


Rach H said...

Love GLEE! This layout is wonderful!!! Love all of the paper bags and beautiful flowers!!!
Good luck with going back to school! You'll be fabulous!

LG said...

That is so beautiful, as beautiful as you Z!!!! Im in love with this layout of yours

Sue Ramsay said...

Absolutely stunning. I told Kirsty I would be stalking your blog now and Im not kidding!!! Ive looked back at some of your older posts and your style is EXACTLY what makes my heart sing. Im so excited now! Catch you soon.
Sue x

Kathleen said...

Beautiful!! I love all the texture & those clear buttons everywhere look fab :)


domestic goddess said...

beautiful Zarah