Monday, October 18, 2010

And now...

...for something completely different!

We spent the weekend (long weekend, actually, we left on Thursday and came home yesterday) with friends in Stockholm. The real reason was a concert me & one of the very, very bestest of darling friends, Anna, wanted to see - and the bonus package consisted of board games, hugs, laughter, friends, pubs and lots of coffee. Stuff like that. The things that make life beautiful!

So, the concert?
Yeah - they're called NEEDTOBREATHE and they're just about too good to be true...
...only they ARE true.
I know. I saw them, listened to them, spoke to them and actually shook hands with them. (They were kinda shocked that I'd gone so far to see them. Such down-to-earth, friendly guys! I'd definitely have travelled a lot farther for the wonderful experience that was their concert!)

I was blown away.

So, that's why this post will be scrapless, and instead be made up of beautiful memories of one of the best concerts I've ever experienced (and as an old festival-freak: that REALLY says something!) and some photos.

I'll even toss in a video, just for your viewing/listening pleasure.
They're just as awesome live, so if you get the chance: See them!
The opening act, the Pusher, were pretty dang amazing too! So - here's a WOOT for them, as well!

...and now for the photos:

...and just because there's nothing that makes my heart sing more, right now,
Something Beautiful:

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yyam said...

Oh how lovely to go see a band perform "live"! That's a great song! :)

Have a beautiful day Zarah! :)