Sunday, October 10, 2010

A bunch of cards... what I've been making, lately.

My LO-mojo has taken a vacation, and I guess it's entitled to one every once in a while (even if I think it's very rude of it, not bringing me along...). Does it bother me? Not much. See, when my LO-mojo leaves for a while, my card-mojo usually comes crawling around the corners, demanding attention.
This was no exception, it's here.
*nods happily*

These last few months, I've been considering selling all my rubber stamps (almost) because... digi is just sooo much easier and suits a lazy bones like me. ;)

Here are two examples of what I've been up to, the last few days:

(The butterflies' bodies are covered with Glossy Accents that hadn't dried properly when I snapped the photo. That's why it looks all milky.)

Flowers & butterlifes: Petaloo!
Images © Kristy Dalman for

4 sweethearts left feedback:

Rach H said...

Super cute cards!

teacher jessy said...

These are lovely cards & those stamps are just so adorable!! The butterflies look fine to me. You are awesome tho ur mojo went vacation. Lol!

Leonie said...

Just gorgeous Zarah! i lovethese Odd Girl images. too cute !
i hear you on the LO mojo going walk abouts. Mine went about 12 mths ago and has yet to return..but been making lots of cards too LOL.
Hugs Leonie

lauren said...

i think your LO-mojo had best to watch its back b/c your CARD-mojo seems like it is ready to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! (seriously! WOW! ♥♥♥!!!)