Saturday, October 30, 2010

How about...

...a goth chick today?

See, when I said I'm into digi nowadays, I wasn't kidding... It's actually more along the lines of an obsession and when I stumbled upon this digi-stamp I had to get it.

She's from Simply Betty Stamps.
I've been making a lot of cards with these babies lately buuuut they all feature Petaloo and can't be shown so I just HAD to whip up a card that I COULD show you. Therefore, I reached into the deep corners of my stash and pulled out these flowers, just to make a card I could show immediately.
Yes, I am that desperate. *grins*

And yes, you'll get to see the other ones later, as well. :)

Yes, I am aware that it's proooobably a chihuahua rather than a siamese cat but what can I tell you? I'm a rebel. "I reject your reality & substitute my own!"

8 sweethearts left feedback:

Erica Hettwer said...

I've been lovin' your cards lately, Z!
Oh, and I totally loved your Mythbusters reference...didn't even need the explanatory link. ;)

Dolores said...

Ursnyggt kort och stämpel! Vad lustigt egentligen, jag upptäckte den sidan så sent som i går och blev också lite betuttad i deras stämplar. Kul! :)
Kram / Dolores

topkatnz said...

LOL - I love that saying!

Kim Sonksen said...

You naughty enabler you...I just went at shopped at Simply Betty's *sigh*

Well, you are forgiven :)))

Fabulous card by the way and I cannot wait to see your Petaloo stuff

Anna Sigga said...

Love that card girlie - fab colors and you are so awesome with the coloring!!

Sue said...

cute card, Zarah! I could never have the patience to colour in my stamps. :)

Annika said...

i absolutely LOVE your cards! Coolest layering and creative designs EVER! And the colouring is stunning!!

Kristy said...

You'd better watch it Zarah... you might just become my new crafty friend! MYTHBUSTERS!? Gotta love Adam Savage! ;) And your card is super HAWT! Love your need for speed LOL! The colors are soft and perfect!