Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm only making..., right now.

Whaddayameeean "yeah, well, we kinda noticed that, smart$$"?... I have absolutely nooo idea what you mean by that, I'm sure...! ;)

Another thing I'm pretty positive that you haven't noticed (*cough cough* Eeeeh...) is that I'm completely & utterly headoverheels in love with the SomeOddGirl digi stamps. So, I wanted to let you all know: If you are considering giving digi a try, hop over to the shop right about now because they have a 29% sale on EVERYTHING including the images in the (already ridiculously cheap) 99-cent section...!
Now, how's THAT for a bit of enabling, huh?! ;)

The reason for the sale, is that Kristy just turned 29 (just a kid...! *grins*) so happy belated, Kristy, if you see this!

Ps. There's a freebie too! Just remember to abide by the angel policy, with freebies and paid images both.

Anyhow. Enough enabling!
Nah! You believed that!? I never stop enabling. *isch wicked* ;)
Here are two more cards with über cute flowers, blinged leaves & butterflies from Petaloo, and the images are © Kristy Dalman for

4 sweethearts left feedback:

Tanya Tahir said...

hehehe you are seriously addicted, aren't you? These cards are soooo adorable! I think I said it in another post but my blog is really looking like a card making blog too at the moment ;D

Miapuh said...

hahaha inte fasen är de nån ODD icke asg :)
men ganska coola stämplar måste kollas in lite mer noga.
Läget med dig?

Sue said...

Those cards are SO cute Zarah! And thanks for pointing me to Petaloo. So excited that I won. :)

LG said...

I noticed!!!!
You do amazing cards with those stamps! Makes me want to try it. Thanks for the inspiration!