Sunday, October 24, 2010

Orange... my new favourite colour.

At least, you can be led to believe that when you look at my latest cards.
It's not all wrong, either. Orange is nice.
You get happy from orange. Happy is good.

This card was made for the SomeOddGirl challenge to make a green/orange/purple card.
I chickened out on the Halloween theme, even though it seemed such a sure way to go.
I always preferred being a bit rebellious. ;)

Well, my humongous tea mug is calling my name.
Better obey, or I might never be free from this cold.

Flowers (Tiffany's Treasure Flower Charms in Topaz Gold and Mulberry Street Mini Magnolias in Lavender) & color-me-crazy-leaves are from Petaloo.
Image is © Kristy Dalman for

11 sweethearts left feedback:

Synnøve said...

Dette var et skikkelig happy-kort! Deilige farger og lekkert farget!
Ha en herlig søndag,

Kim Sonksen said...

I totally get what you mean!
See, I am SCARED of orange - it freaks me out when I have to use it for my projects, but once I get the stuff done, it makes me happy.

And your card makes me happy too - and it makes me want to eat cupcakes...yum yum

laterg8r said...

love the pins and the orange - very happy card :D

Leah the Orange said...

totally FANTASTIC, Zarah! and, well, i have a bit of a penchant for orange, m'self. ;)
love it! and so happy you played with the Odd Girls again! xo

Kristine said...

Åååå, dette kortet er jo bar så utrolig flott. Og jeg er enig med deg, oransje er faktisk en veldig fin farge som man altfor ofte glemmer å bruke!
Klemmer fra Kristine:)

bosenberries said...

Fantastic detail and fab colouring! Thanks for playing with Some Odd Girl!!

This N That said...

Girlfriend, its alwas a pleasure when you post. You are out of this world, crazy talented! Fantastic job! yeah, I like orange now, too! Its a lot more versatile than we thought, eh? Thanks for playing at Some Odd Girl!

Marcie S. said...

Fantastic card!! Just gorgeous- love how you coloured Kaylee. Thanks for playing with us Odd Girls!

Robin McK said...

Zarah, this is sooo cute! Love that you went away from the typical Halloween card! Fabulous job, and thanks for playing again!

Kristy said...

Zarah you totally just rawkd my socks off! This is so fun and fabby! Lovin the lil trail of bling and the pins! I am definitely your fan! And now I want cupcakes *sigh* lol So glad you played with us again! ps. I always am curious what your sentiments are. :)

yyam said...

Your rebellion paid off! ;)

This is just gorgeous Zarah! I just can't list all the parts I like because I love'em all!:)

Thanks so much for joining us at Some Odd Girl....

P/s: Thanks for introducing me to the song Something Beautiful...still enjoying it!;)