Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things to ponder upon...

...if you don't have better things to do:

1. Why is it impossible for me to keep it short? I'm not talking about my hair (which is growing like crazy and needs a trim) or my nails (because they are very much keeping it short. Breaking at any given chance. Gah!) here, folks. I mean my writing!
As I suspect you've already noticed, I have a tendency to overdo it when it comes to writing things. You know, like "yes". For me, that's not a three letter word. It's a five word sentence. At the very least!
Soooo... I think you can all guess what happens when I'm assigned to write a 2-3 page criminal short story? Yeaaaah... Let's just say that I'm currently on page twelve and not even close to wrapping up... But I think it's actually kinda good! (At least I hope so. Wouldn't be too great if my cotton-fever-brain says so and, in reality, it's awful. As a matter of fact, it's be horrible since it's a school assignment...!)

2. What's in a name? This question is especially valid if you're a monkey, absolutely adorable and happen to need for someone (or... everyone) to take a vote, or you might end up nameless. Nameless isn't good because even though "that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" a nameless monkey, regardless how sweet, just won't do. So pop over & vote today. Leave a comment too, because the more comments the more merry people will receive a nice, free digi-stamp-kit and helloooo? Free? Almost as sweet as roses!

3. How does she do it? By "she", I mean Leah Killian, and by "it" I mean the Nook's kits.
Did you happen to catch the sneak peeks over at the Nook, yet? If not, you might want to. And by "might want to", I mean - you definitely want to. This kit is gonna rock my wooly socks.
Ps. ...my socks? VERY wooly! VERY rockable! ;)

4. Did you actually read all of that? I'm impressed - because (see #1)...!

Here's two cards for you, both made with the October Nook kit, both based on LG's October inspiration challenge.

Digital stamps used for the above cards © Kristy Dalman for SomeOddGirl.com

2 sweethearts left feedback:

Tanya Tahir said...

You sure have a way with words, Z! But we love you for that ;)

Cute cute cute cards!!!

Kristy said...

I heart reading the wordiness! You're justs like my Leah all word and all fun! Well backtracking I figured out by accident your FB comment lol!

On your first card I LOVE the black stitching on the torn strips! Nice POP there and that smidge of doily is poifect!

The second I love how you broke up the red paper in the background and inked it, not to mention your pins are so sweet!

Well now I wrote a book LMAO! HUGS!