Sunday, November 14, 2010

...and it's back.

The card making mojo, that is.

A, completely unrelated, observation:
buying a bathing suit in Sweden in November is noooot the easiest adventure one can venture into... If you're, additionally, part of the very small minority (*cough cough*) that can't dress in a sucking straw and fit a friend in there as well, it's even harder. It's probably against the law to even consider swimming, if you're not looking good and chic in a bathing suit that's so ... um... ungenerously cut across the bosoms that you're baring half of them. In the sides.
I can't help but wonder what went on in the designers' heads?

"Ahaaa! I'm pretty sure anyone who'd ever want to step into the water is a sylphid with a streamlined figure and a close to non-existent bum. Of course! Sooo, let's make our swimsuits in a way that makes them almost impossible to even get into, has a boxer-top-cut in the froooont, aaaand let's also make them so slim around the hip area that they almost fall to pieces is someone with something above size 0 even looks at them? Sound good? YAY!"

Needless to say: the ONE and only suit I found that actually fit and didn't show a LOT more than I am comfortable with was more than double what the others cost. Bugger.

But that wasn't the point.
What also isn't the point is that I'm now the proud "aunt" of a beautiful boy named ♥Emil♥. He's brown, has four legs and is all furry, used to be referred to as Thomas Paine and I'm longing like crazy to finally get to meet him!

So, what IS the point?
A card. Made for a SomeOddGirl challenge to create dimension. For a pop-dot-oholic like me, that wasn't too hard. Flat cards are trickier. But I had so much fun!
...aaaand here's the result:

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Kim Sonksen said...

Ohhh I am loving Emil...he is so cute. But how on earth did you manage to decided between them all? They are soooooooo loveable.

I totally hear ya on the bathing suit thing - pervy men design them. If women designed them they would actually fit.

And last but not least - I HEART your card. Dimension rocks and you rocked the challenge

Leah the Orange said...

goodness me, YES! the bathing suit thing - GROSS. i have had the same frackin' suit since i was 20. and, well, i'm not even close to 20 anymore. the elastic is all shot and when i put it on i get white rubbery bits everywhere. but it COVERS everything! :)

Emil is one gorgeous little dude.

and your card is equally gorje!


Kristy said...

Gawd, I'm not even going to get into how horrid swimsuits are LOL! :/

Emil is entirely the cutest puppy EVAH! AWWWWWWW! I'm not sure I'd have been able to pick just one :)

Your card is just too fun! I knew you'd have no problem with dimension! Love the color pallet too!

This N That said...

I am so glad I am not alone in the bathing suit department. It is a rather depressing venture, in my opinion. If you aren't a teenie-bopper, you aren't going to get a cool suit....Its SO frustrating!

This fantastic. As all of your work is! You are an artist, plain and simple!

bosenberries said...

{laughing at all the swimsuit comments}
that is a touchy subject for me now after the 3 little ones... used to prance around not a bother in my suit... now I nearly lose half my life at the thoughts of putting it on.....
ANYWAY.... love your card! thanks for playing in the SOG early bird challenge, Robin

Scraphorse - Åsa said...

Fantastiskt fint! Älskar färgsättningen och färgläggningen av motivet...

...känner igen det där med badklädersproblemen.. ;0)

Tanya Tahir said...

Just been catching up on your blog,sweets and oooooh you are addicted aren't you? *giggle*

don't worry, so am I!!!! :))

I am loove love loving all your cards and the two recent layouts too - swoooon worthy, I tell ya!

lisa said...

Hi Zarah,
I do love your blog : )
Those 2 LO's below are so stunning. I just love all the texture you bring to your projects.
And cute card too.
Emil is so sweet and as for the bathing suit thing. I hate wearing those things. I just feel so self consious. x

Leena said...

I absolutely love the card! It's adorable! Oh, oh, oh......I love Emil!! I've always wanted one in THAT color! Maybe I should dye both my girls in that color!! LOL! Anyway, always love reading your posts. Full of life with a tinge of humour. :)

Amy said...

Awww, Emil is sooo cute! And I love your card, the colors are wonderful together and the image is too fun! Awesome! :)