Monday, November 22, 2010

I really think...

...that internet should be more about sharing joy!

Lately, I've had this nagging feeling that the blogosphere is having a collective doooown period. It might be the darkness and rain. It might be a growing acceptance of pouty faces. It might just be my perception, or perhaps a fluke.

Regardless, I have this strong feeling that there needs to be more happinesses, more joy, more generosity, more support and love out there.
Yeah, I know - I'm such a hippie! ;)

Well... Here's my challenge to you:
Share the joy! Make someone happy! I want you to go out there and do something to bring some happiness into other people's life. Pay it forward! Change the world!

Here's the "catch":
If you leave a comment on this post, telling me what you did to ACTIVELY make someone else happy today (By actively I mean as in make the decision to spread some joy, and act on it. I don't mean everyday niceness, because I'm hoping that's natural to everyone - I mean the things that you choose to do, and then act on, as in handmaking and sending a card for someone just to say hi, paying the bus fare for someone who's forgotten their wallet, buying the cold meter maid a cup of coffee, baking a cake for your co-workers to enjoy during the coffee break ... and things like that.) I am gonna enter you in the drawing to win the new scrappy book that was just published in Sweden.

It won't be out in regular stores until MAY so you'd be getting yours way ahead of the rest of the people... and if you're extra nice, I might even sign it for you!! *giggles*
(Not so tempting? Yeah... Well, a girl can try to feel like a rockstar, right?!)

You can read a little bit more about the book here.

Yes, I will send internationally, if you think you could still be interested even if all the words are in Swedish? If you don't want to win the book, please, feel free to join in on the challenge anyway! Just state in your comment that you're not in the drawing, please.

...and of course, since this is all about sharing the joy - linking this post from FB, Twitter, blogspot, forums or whatever is a bonus and will get you one extra entry (leave one additional comment to tell me how and where you shared to receive that entry) but no linking is required, even if it'd make me happy.

Oh... And if you wanna follow my blog, that'd make me happy as well, but I'm not gonna try and persuade you by giving you an extra entry. All following is strictly by your choice.

This challenge closes on Thursday, December 2:nd at 9am, Swedish time.

21 sweethearts left feedback:

Julie said...

ahhh Zarah what a lovely post! usually spring down under signals the ends of the winter blues but this year I am really struggling to shrug them off. Its so good to to be reminded that its okay to just smile. You made me smile today just reading your post and that in turn helped me go out and smile a everyone I met - heaven help me they probably thought I was a complete fool but I got a few good grins back. Hugs babe and thanks :o)

Hilde/Scoobie said...

You are just too sweets for words :-)

Anjena said...

Vilken rolig utmaning/tävling. Vad har jag gjort i dag för att göra någon glad...hmmm...jag ringde min vän och gratulerade på födelsedagen. Jag sitter också precis just nu och virkar på en babyfilt som samma vän ska få till sin nyfödde lille knodd. Fast det vet hon inte ännu så det gjorde henne kanske inte så glad just i dag... Hejhej

MadeByMaly said...

You wrote what I was thinking...the feeling that the blogworld is having a collective doooown period and I really love your solution...bring happiness into the world (at least into mine :-))
What did I do to make someone happy today ... I started this morning with playing games with my son (at 7.00 am!)...not the best time of my days LOL. But it made him so happy especially when I lost. He whistled his way to school this morning.

Sockergrynet said...

Visst är det roligt att glädje andra människor!! Min dotter har en vän som har upptäckt glädjen med scrapbooking. Så idag har jag samlat ihop en påse med saker som hon ska få, så att hon kan skapa! :)

Chris_P said...

Kul utmaning/uppmaning!

Igårkväll ställde jag upp - följde med min syster och hennes lilla sjuka tjej till vårdcentralen, som sällskap och som stöd.

Linda said...

Man borde glädja människor varenda dag! :) Jag jobbar i butik, så det är enkelt för mig att glädja folk varje dag genom tex komplimanger. Utöver det så hjälpte jag min syster igår med inköp och gav en liten present till mitt ex:s föräldrar för att de är så snälla att de fortfarande passar Max ett par dagar i veckan.


Kristy said...

How appropriate! I just hopped over to spread a bit of lovie to you with a blog award for you on my blog. Its not something huge but I hope it makes you happy! :) I'll be spreading the love with the kidlettes tomorrow when we make some Thanksgiving decor bits, they are excited! You might be a hippie but I'm with ya!

Anna Andersson said...

Hej! Det är så roligt att följa din blog, jag pälsade på mej och mina söner i mörkret och letade fram 8 åringen skidor och gick en runda så han skulle få åka lite i den första snön. Kallt var det och blåste gjorde det men det var lycka för honom!
Kram kram

Malin said...

Pay it forward - love it! Måste nog se filmen, för övrigt...
Min make är lite eländig idag, så jag åkte till Apoteket och köpte pigga-på-sig-piller, gjorde te och lagade värmande lins-tomatsoppa till honom. Och tog hand om nyblivne familjemedlemmen som ska läras nyttan av att göra ifrån sig utomhus och inte på köksgolvet.
Fast egentligen är det inget som kvalificeras som äkta "pay it forward" - för det gör mig själv lika glad också.

Monica said...

Jag älskar ju sådana här humörhöjare! Tack för att du är så generös. :) Jag försöker göra människor glada mest varje dag på små sätt, för det är så jag håller mig själv på gott humör. I kväll skjutsade jag hem två vänner som hade varit här på besök så de skulle slippa ge sig ut i rusket för att åka kommunalt. Stora kramar till dig!

Kellie Winnell said...

Oh hun, your too gorgeous! I like to say I am a hippy at heart, although several of my friend like to point out I dress like one to, lol! I think it's a great idea to share some love and I am sharing some with you. I know you got this award of the gorgeous Kristy as well, but you know what that wasn't going to stop me from giving it to you as well!

Biggest Hugs xx

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

What a sweet post....have you ever seen the movie 'Pay it forward'?....just loved that idea!...guess I'm a hippie at heart too :)

I don't have an example to post about me but my husband found a wallet in the middle of the street and picked it ended up it belonged to a police officer. He brought it by the station for him and he was just so thrilled to have it back had his badge and everthing in it.

BTW...just wanted to say, I love your Blog banner...sooo beautiful!!

~Gabi xx

Rosa-kreattiva said...

Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful candy.
saluti dall'italia public slidebar on
Hugs, rosa
i am new follower
blog creative:
Hugs, rosa

Mrs Frizz said...

I've done a 'nice deed' this week. I purchased a wee girly outfit - a beautiful little dress and cardigan to send another scrapper who I have never had the privilege to meet ... she lives in another part of the world ... a just cos gift ... just cos!!!

And you've been on my bloglines, like ... forever ... lol ... cos you are so very inspirational!

Chin up and hugs ...

Wendy said...

oh my gosh! that front cover for the magazine looks so delish!!!!!
hmmm what have i done??? does giving up my free time to make my nan happy help? i do it because it is something that makes her smile, but also because she is my nan and she deserves it!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh this is soooooooooooo sweet of you!!!! Well, let's see, last night on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner at my parents home, I saw two homeless people sleeping in front of a closed down store, so when I got home, I found two blankets that I hadn't used in years, and we (me, hubby and kids), took them back to the two homeless people. I know its not a hot meal, or a warm bed, but it was the least I could do to help them, as even though I live in Arizona (which is normally HOT!), there was a freeze warning last night...and I couldn't bear it if they were suffering too much! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anna Sigga said...

Zarah darlin´ - you are too sweet!!

that magazine cover is gorgeous and by offerin your autagraph it woudl be even more special!! :D

I gave a co-worker a nice little friendly-gift this morning. Cake and Coke Cola in a bottle - I sure hope he likes it, and of course I decorated the present using lots of scrapbooking supplies. And when I pick DD#1 from Daycare/kindergarten today I will be bringing lots of papers and embellishments for the kids to use. Just love to spread some creative goodness.
Have a great day hun! ;)

Cicci/Trollmor said...

Vilken generös utlottning <3 !
Här kommer mina "gör-någon-glad-saker":
-Hängde ut mat till de stackars småfåglarna
-Äldsta sonen fick sin favvomat
-Yngsta sonen fick julmust
-Var snäll mot mej själv och stannade hemma från jobbet när jag inte kände mej riktigt kry

Massor av varma kramar till dej!!!

Anna said...

Z, you're to sweet for words! <3

I'm not in the drawing... I don't neeeed to, pfwee! Why? You know why, cuteness. ;)

But I still want to share my story:

Today I packed two boxes full of food and christmas gifts that will be sent to an orphanage in Latvia or Romania, through an organisation called Hoppets Stjärna (Star of Hope). It feels great to PIF! :D

Anonymous said...

Dagens goda gärningar:
Jag vill skänka boken till en god vän om jag vinner den, inte för att jag inte vill ha den själv, utan för att hon behöver den bättre!
Jag har plockat ihop 25 vinster till barnens lotteri på Röda Korset- basaren
Jag har gjort 15 påsar snögubbesoppa till samma basar
Jag skottade gången för maken har en psykisk allergi mot snö
Jag drack upp allt kaffet själv, eftersom ingen annan gillar kaffe i familjen =)

Karin PG