Saturday, November 20, 2010

Right about now...

...I'm feeling pretty b***y towards one specific company.

Here's the deal:
Last month, the Swedish forum I'm active at had their annual Pink Ribbon-month where they host a ton of fun auctions. The items you bid on are usually donated by the members, but companies help too. I always tend to shop some gifts, X-mas pressies and maybe something for myself as well during that month.

This year, I decided I needed a personal X-mas stamp. Very cute, very stylish way of not getting a hand cramp while signing. Yesch - clever!
Soooo, I bid and I won.

That was October 25:th.

I still have not seen any sign of that stamp. Apparently, this particular company doesn't really care much that I actually paid about double what the stamp costs in their shop, and the tiny fact that I am a customer just as much as anyone else seems to have fallen into oblivion as they (after being emailed a few times by the fab gals who host the auctions) finally replied this Sunday and excused themselves with "We've been mega busy, but the stamp's done now, and we'll send it in the beginning of the week."

I'm just wondering: the beginning of WHAT week?
Maybe that wasn't so important?

Needless to say, the plans I had to order more personal stamps from them vanished into thin air. For some reason, I seem to gravitate companies that actually deliver!
I know - I'm weird like that...

Speaking of companies that deliver, here's the card from my first post in the Petaloo blog! I'm hoping you are keeping an eye open and that you saved it into your feed because SO much is gonna happen there soon, that you sure do not wanna miss out on...!

Image © Kristy Dalman for

Have a wonderful continued weekend!

5 sweethearts left feedback:

cardmaking bird said...

Gorgeous card, Zarah - as I expect from all you oddie cards!! You should've named and shamed the company!!! Such crappy customer service - they seem to forget that if they'd have delivered, they could've had a repeat customer - not to mention the people who visit your blog might've liked it and gone on to buy their own - their loss!!!!! Marie x

Sue said...

Cute card, Zarah. Love that it's shabby and cute at the same time. I do hope you get your stamp soon. It's been a long time coming.

Kim Sonksen said...

LOve that card and I cannot believe that you still haven't gotten that stamp. What poor example of a company!

Lilo said...

Ditt kort är makalöst vackert!!! Såååå fint! Din berättelse är såååå trist, fy så ruttet. Varna gärna mig för sådant företag så jag vet vilka de är.

Ruth said...

Don't they know that most card maker make their cards early...or did they think that you were going to start making christmas cards in January!!
I hope it arrives soon for you.