Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today, I'll be editing photos...

...every free minute.

(Free minute = time when I'm not currently working on my Swedish assignments. Also known as moments when I'm not actively ignoring the dust elephants and piles of papers that are threatening to cause a landslide and cover me completely...)

You see, I haaaappened to get another package in the mail yesterday. Again.
From Petaloo. Again.

For those who have lots count, that's three. In a row. In less than a week.
Spoiled? Me? Yes, VERY!

I can't tell you exactly what was inside that box, but I can tell you to keep an eye on the Petaloo blog where it will all be revealed, soo enough... ;)
All I can say about it is that it's all, in the words of Harris K. Telemacher in LA Story: "wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful and yet again, wonderful."

Therefore, today's blogpost is a short one.
It mostly (purely) consists of the ramblings above and the Petaloo-embellied card shown below, that I made for a Cupcake Crafts sketch.
Hope you like! :)

Digital stamp from Tickled Pink.

6 sweethearts left feedback:

Scraphorse - Åsa said...

Mmm vilket vackert kort!!

Riktigt fyndig text! ;0))

~Sasha Farina~ said...

three boxes? you're spoilt rotten!!! Whhhheeeeeeeee!!! i can't wait for all the gorgeousness. and i have dust elephants too. you're not alone.

Kathleen said...

Lol, ur a riot ;) luuuuurve this, super super cute, kewl play on words too :)


Sue said...

aaarrhhh! Jealous much! :)

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Zarah, what a gorgeous card. I love the image and your layers are beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed using my sketch! Thanks for joining us at cupcake craft challenge this week. Hugs, Denise x

Liz said...

You will do fabulous with it sweedie... I know that.