Monday, January 17, 2011

I haven't gone nuts, exactly...

...because they say:

You can't become something you already are.

I just tagged along this challenge to make one X-mas card each week, to reduce stress come December. I'm usually pretty early anyway (see last post) but X-mas cards in January might be a first for me. It's fun, though! Using up scraps, pulling out the unused motifs I printed and just making what I feel like.

This is the card for week one.
I'll show the one from week two later. ;)

Image © Kristy Dalman for (who are currently celebrating their anniversay! Hop on over and check it out!)

School starts today.
Luckily, I get to sleep in on Mondays.
...or rather, I could have gotten to sleep in if I didn't want to go up at the same time as DH, who has to be at work preeeeetty early. That's why we both stumble out of bed at half past justfellasleep, blink sleepily at the bright lights and try to function properly while slouching our way down the stairs,towards the coffee maker... It's nice to get that quiet moment together before the day starts, though. Having breakfast and a little time together before we go separate ways for the day.
I wouldn't miss it for sleeping.

However, since it's still bright and early here and I have a few hours ahead before I need to head off to the school bench for another semester of Psychology ("Very peh-sychological!" /From Hogfather), I'm just gonna pop off and continue reading Thorn Queen while cuddled up on the couch with the cats & a huge cup of tea.

Gotta be THE best way to prepare for class. Don't you think? ;)

17 sweethearts left feedback:

Christiane said...

hehehe, morning zarah!!! ;)
the card is too cute!!
have a fab monday!!

AnnikaS said...

Det låter som en härlig start på dagen! Kul att se att även du gör ett julkort i veckan.

Kortet är ursött!
kram Annika

Kellie Winnell said...

What a fabulous idea! I am always late and always in need of more, MORE cards! I might have to try this and I say "might" lol. NOW on your gorgeous creation, as you might already know HUGE fan of yours and your style and just LOVE this!


Leonie said...

Jaw-droppingly GAWJUSS!!!! Love it hun..and good on you for starting your cards early!!! You will have stacks by the time it rolls around again.
And just love your description of your mornings..sounds like my
Hugs Leonie
PS that book sounds interesting...

Anna Sigga said...

LOL - morning girlie!! Fab card and you could never be called nuts sweetie!!

Just fabulously awesome :D!

Kristy said...

Morning and I hope class is fun today! I might think of joining you in this come, say, August when you're all ahead and I'm already behind lol. I love it tons though! What a smartsy chicka you are!

Synnøve said...

Så søtt kort! Morsomt stempel og fin pynt!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

This N That said...

I love the use of the tag. Your coloring is spot on, and this card is so inspiring!

Anna said...

DET är äkta kärlek det; att missa sömn för några minuters mys med in man. <3

Kim Sonksen said...

There is nothing wrong about being organised...and besides, I love all your cards all year around :))))

yyam said...

Love your card Zarah! :) You do amazing things with SOG images! :)
A good cup of tea is my way to start the day too! :)

Tanya Tahir said...

oooo I heart this card so much!!! It's fun seeing Christmas stuff in January! I had no choice but to scrap my December kit in January lol. So funny in your previous post too about us crafers being on different time - it is so true!!

Muffin said...

Men jäklar, vilket snyggt kort! Jag dåndimpar lite och det kan mycket väl tänkas att jag måste stjäla hela upplägget rakt av vid tillfälle. GRYMT! :)

Lau W said...

Oh so cute card, lovely !

teacher jessy said...

This is a gorgeous Christmas card! I would say unique cause it is not a traditional looking one for sure :)

lauren bergold said...

oof--you ARE a good woman! lovely husband jeff gets up FAR earlier than i have to (at 4:30am!!!) and i am sad to say i just physically CANNOT do it. (he can go to sleep at 9pm...this is an advantage!) but when i read your post, i was a bit ashamed! you rock! ♥♥♥

and now THIS FABULOUS XMAS CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how gloriously cool is that?! i love that fab stamp...and the cool collagey of goodies...and...well, ok, i love *EVERYTHING* about this!!!

as for INSANE: i'm thinkin' that's what we were all the other years when we crammed DOZENS of cards into a stressful 2-week period in nov/dec! instead this year we get to have fun, relax, make each card cool and individual and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! (you are, however, insanely TALENTED, i will give you that, for sure!!!) ♥