Monday, February 28, 2011

Amazing grace...

...or a maze in greys?

Some days, it's a toss up.
This day is not one of those days. Today is a good day.
Wanna know why?

Because I am featured on Scrapidées!
Seen that blog before? If not, you'd better pop on over there now and put it into your faves!
It's amazing! The team rocks and there are so many fun sketches there, too.
I actually got to make my own sketch for the site, which is always fun! I'm thrilled to see the amazing interpretations by the DT and I'd be equally thrileld to see yours, if you use it.
Let me know, ok?! :D

Here's the LO I made for them:

For those of you who, like me, are way more fluent in English than French (I had that text translated. I wouldn't have gotten past "Bonjour, mon nom est Zarah" on my own! *grins*), here's my introduction in English:
my name is Zarah, but online I usually go by my (very hard to pronounce) nickname zarischka.
I am a Swedish scrapper who's happily married to the best man on the planet (possibly even in the entire universe) and who's adopted by two cats that crave attention, cuddles and food at any given moment. Especially when it's the least convenient.

I make mostly LOs and cards, depending on my mood, and when I am bored, have dull classes or inspiration strikes me while I'm not at home, I draw sketches. I tried making them in Photoshop but mr Mojo fled immediately so I figure I'll stick with pen & paper!

When I scrap from a sketch I actually very rarely print it out. I prefer drawing it onto my pad. First I draw it just like the original. Then, beside it, I re-draw it in my own way and add elements, take something out and/or twist a little, to make it feel "me" . Finally, I write down who made it, bring it to my very, very messy scraptable and just play until I feel happy with what I made.
That's how my inspiration usually flows the best.

Hopefully, this sketch of mine will inspire you, as well!

Thank you for having me!

For this LO I used a mix up of Fancy Pants and MME-papers, plus an abundance of gorgeous Petaloo flowers to illustrate my absolute and utter incapability to wrap my head around mathematics. Yep, that's what the LO is about, actually.
See, there's NOTHING you can't scrap!

Thanks for visiting!

17 sweethearts left feedback:

Maria said...

Okej, nu kan jag inte annat än falla på knä och tillbe dig - fy FABIAN så sjukt snygg den är, den där layouten! Och du! ♥

Grattis till publiceringen och vilken inspirerande skiss f.ö.!

Puss å kram!

PS. T hälsar till hedersmoster!

Sue said...

love love love this layout, Zarah!

Mireille said...

Zarah, as usual, your page is amazing ;) And I would be glad to help you with your french (I'm from Quebec) if you could help me learn Swedish. I dream to go to Sweden someday and i'd love to know some words!

Hilde/Scoobie said...

Love that sketch, Zarah! I might give it a try :-) And your layout is absolutely devine - love the color combo and all the details!

Kim Sonksen said...

Ha! We are like two peas in a pod, girl - me and maths we do NOT get on and me and french NEVER saw eye to eye either :)))
What can I say - the layout is eye candy at its best

Tanya Tahir said...

soooo gorgeous! I love this layout of you!! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is GORGEOUS! I loveeeeeeee all the flowers! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Ingrid said...

What a pretty story and I can learn something from how you let your inspiration flow ;-) Really like your latest two lo's, makes me wanna scrapbook too... Think I have made too many cards lately and too less lo's, feels like losing myself...
Well, love watching yours and I like your TPS x-mas card as well hun, you're just brilliant!
Hugs Ing

Mio said...

När jag blir stor, då vill jag bli lika duktig som min lillasyster. *nickar*

LG said...

Congrats!!! I adore your layout. SOOOOO PWEEEETTTTTY!

citronlime said...

Congratzz...och damn it vilken snyyygg LO!!!

Lilith said...

Just stunning.

DonnaMundinger said...

This is sooo beautiful Zarah! I stink at layouts so I'm in AWE! xxD

Jeanette said...

This is a beautiful layout Zarah!
Hugs Jeanette xxo

Nerrida said...

Oh la la! Beautiful layout - just goregous!

Audrey Pettit said...

Absolutely gorgeous page!

lauren bergold said...

o'course i love♥LOVE♥love your LO, missus...but almost as much as that i love hearing your philosophy for "re-drawing" the sketches...which i think must be the key to the way your TAKE on someone else's map is always faithful and yet uniquely (& recognizably) ♥YOU♥!!! very cool.