Monday, February 21, 2011

Edit, edit...

...and edit some more.

The sad part about vacations is that they end. The good part is that you can re-live them while editing your photos and then scrapping them. The best part of that is that you can edit out things you do NOT want to remember.
Yep, there ARE things like that even on holidays in Mexico, regardless of how strange that sounds... Like, you know, that zit on your forehead in a few of the photos, or the extra nose growing out of your shoulder in one of the images - courtesy of a passer-by...! ;)

I've put off editing my Mexico photos for some time, because it kind of made me sad that I longed to go back so badly.
(How pathetic am I?!)

I'm starting to get over that sadness bump now, and head straight for the "Wow, am I ever happy we got to make that trip??!"

There are photos there that make me burst out laughing, photos that take my breath away for sheer gorgeousness, photos that make me smile and wish for more vacations with the same crazy, wonderful people, and photos that I have to frame and title"paradise".
I'm gonna show you when I'm done. Promise.

In the meantime, here's a card I made for a challenge over at the Nook. We all lifted Sarah E's beautiful card and I have never ever lifted anything that closely before.
Not that mine's anywhere near as cute as hers, but it still makes me smile.

The inchie-bug is by SomeOddGirl and you can get him super duper cheap in the retirement sale section! I drew the speech bubble with the hearts to match.

Thanks for popping by!

12 sweethearts left feedback:

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Toooooooooooo cute!! I loveeeeeeeee the trims! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anna Sigga said...

Love that card and I can't wait to see all those fab Mexico layouts a from you girlie!!

Christiane said...

oh my, hun!! i sooo love to read your posts and love the *extra nose*!! :))))
super cute card!! :))

Ellis said...

Jättefintkort du har gjort med larven! =)
Måste nog lägga till din blog till Bloglovin så att jag kan få mer inspiration! =)
Kram Elenor

Mio said...

Man börjar liksom förstå den där grejen Davide har för Mexico..! När jag blir stor, dååå ska jag också åka dit!

Synnøve said...

Sweet sweet card and delightful colors!!!

Alex said...

Du får mig att skratta ända nerifrån lilltån! :D

Vilket gulligt kort! Älskar larven! Den får mig också att le... ja du... man kan nog lugnt konstatera att jag hoppade upp några grader på glad-skalan bara genom att läsa ditt inlägg! ;-)

Längtar efter att se dina redigerade bilder gums! ♥

Kim Sonksen said...

Inchie is one of my faves and I am so in awe of how you coloured him!

Anthea said...

ohhh too true! I hate that they end, love to look back through the photos but long to go back...

Very cute card!

Pam said...

Love your lift of Sarah's card, so cute!!

Oooh, Mexico sounds like a dream vacation!!

tinajo said...

Hur gulligt som helst - vem kan låta bli att le när man ser det där? :-)

Berenice R. said...

Super cute card! :)