Friday, February 04, 2011

I have some happies... share, today!

First of all, I was thrilled to discover that I came in top 3 over at Sketches in Thyme, Paper Sundaes AND Charisma Cardz Challenges!

Isn't that something! Thanks so much to everyone involved in those decisions! IMMD! :D

Another fun newsflash is that I have made my 25000'd post over at My Scrapbook Nook.
See, I'm not joking when I say that I looooove that place...! (Board member and absolute darling Katarina actually did a little math and figured out that I've spent more than a week of typing posts onto that mb... I dunno whether to be amused or scared?! ;))
Anyhow: In celebration of this, I am hosting a party on the message board this weekend!
There will be fun people, challenges and party favours (a.k.a prizes) so you really DON'T want to miss it! If you're the curious type, and I mean - who's not, really - you could also snoop around the other parts of the board to find out more about the new DT who will be announced during the weekend, as well!
Icing on the proverbial cake, huh?

Get your blingiest frock, put on that party hat and prepare your stash - this is gonna be one FUN gettogether!

Third happy of the day, but certainly not least:
I've made my very first project feature post on the Some Odd Girl blog!
It's a paper bag card and shows off the super adorable Valentine's Tobie (I am sooooo loving him!) and if you're interested in how it's made: just pop on over to the blog and check it out!
There's a step-by-step guide and more images.

Hope you like it!

Image © Kristy Dalman for

Make yourself a good Friday!

8 sweethearts left feedback:

Jacqueline said...

ADORABLE Zarah!!! Absolutely LOVE your coloring and what a GREAT idea chica!! Soooo cute! Hugs!

AnnaB said...

Provar så här då! Vill ju gärna kunna säga grattis igen och ditt kort är sååååå fint! :)

LillBlomman said...

Oj det var mycket att glädjas åt! Supersött kort! Gillar din stil soooo much:) Kram!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow!!! AWESOME news all around! Loveeeeeeee your card! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Scraphorse - Åsa said...

Oj så många grattisar på en gång!!

Och påskortet är uuunderbart!! :0)

Tanya Tahir said...

OMG this is so flippin sweet!! I have to go over and check out how you made this!! And congrats too, on all of your achievements - you're the best!! :D

Tettiz said...

Lots of fun stuff!! Congratulations to you! :D

I just loooove the card - that little man is so unbearably cute!!!

LG said...

great layering here and use of color