Saturday, February 26, 2011

"A kiss on the hand may be quite continental...

...but diamonds are a girl's best friend."

Nah. I beg to differ.This girl's best friends are quite a lot more vibrant and alive.
Some are twolegged, some are fourlegged and furry - none are dead rocks with questionable means of being brought to her.
But I digress, and I didn't intend to...

(After all - this is not a political blog! ;))

So why did I choose that title?
Simple! I've been going nuts over this über cute version of that song, Swingcats mix, from the cd Rockabilly Madness. Anyone with Spotify may listen to it *here* while the YouTubers are all invited to click *this link* to hear it.
Makes me happy!
Hope it's contagious!

Another thing that makes me happy, is cardmaking. Especially when I'm using the adorable SomeOddGirls. They just seem to always bring a smile to my face! I also love to make stuff from scraps and snippets, so the challenge for this fortnight suited me perfectly:
handmade embellishments/elements.

Super fun!

Will you join us?!

Image, Hula Kaylee, by and © Kristy Dalman for SomeOddGirl.
The white flower is by Petaloo! The pink ones are by me and my ribbons. (Believe me - Anton, the cat, was extremely fascinated by their movement...! Making ribbon flowers while, at the same time, trying to rescue the ribbon from the claws and teeth of one very curious, ribbonloving cat makes it a quite time consuming task! But fun! ;))

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

3 sweethearts left feedback:

Leonie said...

totally gorgeous and amazing as ony Zarah can do!!! love it hun. All the circles look amazing as does that super cute Oddgirl!!

And thanks for the link....really want to see Burlesque!!
Hugs Leonie

LillBlomman said...

Du skämmer bort oss med det ena sötare kortet efter det andra:) Ljuvligt! Kramar!

Susny said...

Åh, så snyggt. Du har verkligen fått till färgläggningen!