Monday, February 14, 2011

Stuff I do when no one is watching...

...would probably look funny on AFV.

You know - things like chewing the snowfall out for messing up my light and making it close to impossible to get a decent shot of my cards & layouts. (Note to self: the snow doesn't care. It's actually even possible that it actually increased its snow-per-minute-and-square-metre-amount, out of spite.)
I also dance to my Spotify playlist, walk around in sweatpants, knitted woolly socks and a hoodie a whole day, drink way too much coffee and ignore the vacuum despite its desperate attempt to get my attention by coercing the cats into shedding more than usual. (Yep. Pretty sure that's what happens around here when I've got my back turned...!)
None of thse things matter much, right now, though - because the only reason I'm blabbering on like this (not that I usually need a reason to blabber) is to excuse my poor photograph of the umcoming layout. Yup. Because I just don't have the patience to wait for a, possibly upcoming, more light/less snow ratio.
I'm lazy like that! ;)

This is Anna.
I bet you recognize her by now.
I know I'm a one-track-record, but she just looks so dang good on photo, don't you think?!

One of these days, I'm gonna continue with my Mexico photo-editing session and after that I will most certainly bore you to tears with images of dolphins, ruins, M&I and palmtrees. Be thankful for Anna, I'm just saying!

(I am.)

Sketch by Creative Scrappers!

14 sweethearts left feedback:

Anna Sigga said...

Stunning layout girl - you sure know how to make white pop.
You and Anna (beautiful name BTW ;o) are lucky to have each other. <3

Anna said...

Wow that Anna is such a stunner! ;)

Gorgeous LO, hun... Love you!

Wendy said...

I think the colour is fine and the layout is divine!!!!

Emmy said...

Beautiful layout!

Nadia Cannizzo said...

lol...I always walk away happy and smiley when I come to your blog! You do have a love for words, but everything you say sounds so good I just wanna keep on listening. By the way the photo of the layout is NOT bad at all. It looks quite good. Cant wait to see/hear more...:o)

Tracie H said...

Thats one stunning layout .x.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

hehehehehe.... I love that the vacuum was calling to you this weekend! LOL! I loveeeeeeeeee the lo!! GORGEOUS! Loving the design and the circles! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sue said...

Yay! A layout! Love the colours and the circles on this one, Zarah!

Mio said...

As pretty as ever. And the LO too..! ;-)

Monica said...


hippy_chick said...

Fab page chick x

Emma and Susan said... always another masterpiece!!! STUNNING!!!
Big hugs

lynne1 said...

wow stunning. so happy so see another Zarah LO

Tanya Tahir said...

such a beautiful layout, Z!!