Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A wee crush... share.

I couldn't decide whether to share a card or an LO with you today, so I went in a completely different direction.
I'm gonna share something adorable that I didn't make, myself. I'm gonna share some fun things you might wanna know. Like how I discovered a super cute new digi stamp company, called Wee Stamps, that needs a little push to be seen and I really think they deserve that push.

Because, in all seriouness, they're fantastic. And not just a wee bit. A whole lot.

Just look at this cutie:

Image completely and entirely not mine. I borrowed it from Sylvia Zet's blog to promote her better, and all credit is hers, of course!

Yep. Definitely gonna have to do some shopping over there. And at Spesch stamps. She designs for them too! Super cute stuff. :)

2 sweethearts left feedback:

CarinaA said...

O my o my, such seroius cuteness going on here!

Think I just have to get over there and spend some money.

Anna Sigga said...

That is too darn cute!!!!