Friday, March 18, 2011

Bad, bad...

...bad to the bone.

That's me.
At least when it comes to:
1. blogging
2. blogcomments (Yup. Even managed to mark the entire list as read in a not-so-pretty-fit-of-overwhelmedness <--- word created especially for the occasion. Sorry, luvs! Getting back on track riiiiight now. As soon as I finish writing this post.)
3. creating things

Gah. Mr Mojo has taken a temporary hike. The bastard.

I'm hoping he'll be back soon. He should be, because I am literally (well, maybe not. But almost!) swimming in beauuuutiful flowers, with the latest shipment of Petaloo goodies at my desk - and I've gotten the new digis from the upcoming SomeOddGirl-release tooooo, so I am all set for fun and games. I've also gotten the cutest digis from my sweet and übermultitalented friend Kirsty Wiseman, to play with!
Thanks a bunch, K!

You can bet your sweet behind that I'm gonna be using THOSE cuties as soon as my inspo comes back from its extended vaca! :D

Now, for another note - of a more upbeat and inpiring kind (than me whining about my mojolessness, I mean I am even boring myself with it!) is the fact that Paper Issues will be hosting a bloghop on the 19:th and you do NOT want to miss it. Believe me!
Check out the sneaks *here*

Speaking of sneaks... I know these stamps are no longer secret, but that doesn't make them any less adorable. I thought I'd end this everlasting rant with a card I made for a spring-inspiration post at the SOG-blog.
...aaand while we're still on the topic of spring, why don't you join the SomeOddGirl-spring challenge? It's the second ever SomeOddGirl-exclusive challnge, meaning that you have to use a SOG-image to play but the prize is double the usual, meaning FOUR free digis to the winner.
How's THAT for encouragement, huh?! :D

Ok. I'm done now. Here's the card:

Image, Tweet, © Kristy Dalman for SomeOddGirl.

13 sweethearts left feedback:

AnnaB said...

Suuuuperdupervackert kort..! Håller tummarna för att Mr Mojo kommer tillbaka omedelbums...! :) Vill nämligen se mer! :)

Kristy said...

Did your craft room ever warm up? I think we need to see the box of flowers you've been doing the back stroke in! :) Love your card!

Nenne said...

Han måste ha glömt kvar sin påse med grejer eller nåt för här sprudlar det av skaparglädje ändå, ser jag!

Heeelt underbart och det där gamla CC-pappret är så fiiint, undrar om jag har en snutt kvar av det någonstans!

Sue said...

Super cute card, Zarah!

citronlime said...

Sååå himla fiiiint!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ADORABLE! I loveeeeee the distressing and the twine! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Bianca said...

So cute! xx Bianca

Kim Sonksen said...

How gorgeous - I have NO doubt whatsoever that inspo comes rushing back to you!

Alberto said...

Hi Dear
So cute card, love this bird image and the paper is super pretty!
you are a very talented my perfect stile!


Chrissy said...

Fabulous card...Gorgeous colours,and OH!! you crack me up, with your missing mojo,etc...that was sooo funny reading you rantings..thanks for that, I really enjoyed your post..still chuckling away....

Sandy Ang said...

What a sweet card ! Love the spring colours and that little tweeting bird.

Christiane said...

i adore all your work, hun!! i'm sooo struggling when it comes to cards!!

Elin said...

Wonderful card! I love it the colours, the text everything!!