Friday, March 25, 2011

I don't have a clever song... go with this post.

Not even, as is usually the case, a far-fetched and almost-entirely-unfunny one.
I could offer you my current playlist, but somehow, I don't think that's really relevant at the moment. Is is? If you REALLY beg, I guess I could give you one. I made this for my super talented and amazingly sweet friend Sasha (who lives WAY too far away!!) after we figured out that we seemed to enjoy the same kind of soft-and-mellow-songs.

So here you go.
I'm just THAT nice, aren't I?! ;)

Anyhow. Pleating. That's the theme for the fortnight's challenge over at SomeOddGirl. (And now you know why, in this case, there's no accompanying theme song. I just don't KNOW a song about pleating. Quilting, I could have done. But not pleating. Unless Dolly's mom pleated a little in that coat of many colours, as well? I bet she did.)
Aaaanyhow. Luckily, thinking of a way to use pleating on a card is way easier than conjuring up a song about it - and here's my result:

Image © Kristy Dalman for
Flowers, leaves and bumblebees by Petaloo

As usual, the challenge runs for two weeks and this time, you can use any kind of stamps to enter. The winner will receive 2 images from the shop!
Will you play with us? I sure hope so!

Have a good waffle-day, peeps.
(Yep, for real. It's waffle day in Sweden - so go make yourself some waffles. Blame it on me! ;))


11 sweethearts left feedback:

Fiffi said...

We had waffles for breakfast and waffles for lunch. I bet we'd go for waffles for dinner too while we´re at it.

Loooove the bumblebee, too cute!

Scraphorse - Åsa said...

Kortet är underbart!

Mottagaren kommer bli överlycklig! :0)

Själv får jag inte äta våfflor... min ammande dotter är allergisk mot både ägg och mjölkprotein... *avis*

Annette said...

Så snyggt med det gröna mot gult och svart! Måste testas!

Trevlig helg :)

Ingrid said...

I love your stories... with or without a song. So often I don't know interesting things to write. Maybe I should waffle some more (another waffle ;-)) Happy waffle day further!
O, and I like your bumblebee card very much :-)
Hugs Ing

Robin McK said...

Hi Zarah!
This card is beautiful...I am in awe!

ANNAANNA said...

Har man ingen "vettig sång" så funkar det alltid finfint med "Mana-mana" :)i Mupparnas mest flippade version

eller underbara Fields of Gold i valfri version (Jag gillar bla Eva Cassidys och Stings) om det är mer den stämingen man är ute efter ;)

AnnaB said...

Vi fuskade lite och käkade våfflor dagen innan våffeldagen istället... :)

Supersött kort! Så snyggt med det gula och gröna!

Kristy said...

mmmmm waffles.....

Love this card! Bright cheery and uber happy!

No songs on sewing maybe? lol

Sarah Rice said...

mmmmmm waffles!

I just love your card! so so so cute

I called my post Just PLEAT it (so that's song related)

ellen s. said...

yum. waffles. :)

Trina said...

Adorable!! The freckles are such a cute touch!