Monday, May 30, 2011

Here's how I've spent my days, lately... a so-called short-short version.

Sneezing. Eye dropping. Anti-allergy-pill popping. Falling asleep on my desk (due to the previosly mentioned pills, that make me VERY sleepy. ...and yes, Staz On removers work on your face, as well, but you'll probably get a few dry spots and/or pimples. Be warned...). TV-show watching (because reading is too tough on my eyes, and renders my eye drops to run out too quickly). Reading a little anyway (because I have this brilliant new series that keeps drawing me back in). Taking one little stroll with sis and dad on the Blues Festival. One. Because the sounds and the pollen wouldn't treat me nicely. Being away from teh interwebs (because everything takes forever and a day to load and it ticks me off bigtime.) Missing DH. Not-even-a-wee-bit-of-crafting. *cries*
Mr Mojo's fled to more pollenless and all inclusive-places, I'm sure.

So, why do I update?
Because the blog might dry out, otherwise. Yup. Pretty sure it'd happen. It'd wither and die!
I can't have that. It's against my religion or... something.

Thus - an LO from the virtual crop @ The Nook:

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pysselpetra said...

underbar ♥ utstrålar harmoni & lugn

jacque4u2c said...

This is so gorgeous!

Debbie Garcia said...


Angela said...

I love how you keep all your backgrounds white and just add color by your pics and embellishments. I just love your style and this is gorgeous.