Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time to...

...make a scene!

Well, not as in publicly and loudly reciting the entire first chapter of "Anna Karenina" and tossing frozen peas across the store - or playing rugby with the cheese in a restaurant while you sing "Tubthumping" at the top of your lungs, or even as in blowing soapbubbles at everyone who frowns in the subway until your throat is sore and the floor is sticky (but prettily rainbow'y...).
This time - at least... ;)

It's all about making scenes over at Some Odd Girl.
The kind of scenes you majke with stamps/digis. Only... Unless you manage to multitask enough to make cards while you're passing the bag of peas?! o_0
Nah, it's probably best to stick with the cardmaking vesrion. More fun and less messy!
Pop by an play!

Digital stamps © Kristy Dalman for Some Odd Girl

4 sweethearts left feedback:

mforquer said...

Oh, I love this - great colors on the white is fabulous!!! Gorgeous!

tinajo said...

Så fint - när jag ser dina alster så blir jag lite sugen att börja igen. :-)

Elena said...

Thank you for have been comment last challenge time, your work is deliscious, I saw it on some odd girl's blog and now I'm here to admir it :) I'm going to start to make the card fo the challenge, I passed by just to say compliment, beautiful work!!


Monica said...

Hur gulligt som helst!