Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So, I don't know if you've seen...

...the Petaloo contest that starts today?

It's preeetty dang awesome (emphasis on the VERY!)...!

There are three categories, too: best CMC-layout, best CMC-altered project and best CMC-card - so there are plenty of chances to win. "And what are the prizes?", you ask? Funny you should bring that up! I was just about to tell you, actually.
The prizes are as follows:
$100 worth of Petaloo products AND a Designer Fun Pack (flowers and all sorts of things to help you alter and make them up the way YOU want them, to go perfectly with your projects!) and the runners up? Wins a Designer Fun Pack, too!
I told you so! :D

Okay, so maybe you don't have any CMC-flowers at home? You just ran out? Or maybe you just want more to choose from? Well, that's where I come in. I decided to help my darling blogfollowers (via either alternative, by the way) towards winning these fab prizes by offering up a small RAK.

All you have to do is to be a follower of my blog (new or old doesn't matter) and to tell me, in a comment, what you would like to do with the flowers if you won!
Feel free to spread the word about my giveaway AND about the contest, but I am not going to make you. (IF you do, however, please tell me - because if you happen to be the winner, there just MIGHT be a little extra something-something in the RAK when it arrives... ;))

Sounds good?
Great! Now for the RAK:

This kit contains four packs of Petaloo Colour Me Crazy-flowers as well as one Cats Eye Chalk and one VersaColor to help you ink them up. I also tossed in some pretty red, sparkly brads and a red bling swirl, for added flair. Oh, and these's a pack of super cute, sparkly yellow flowers in there too. Not CMCs - just an added bonus. :)

This giveaway runs until Thursday June 23:rd, 4 pm Swedish time (which is 7 am PST, 10 am EST and, I believe, midnight in Australia.) If the winner does not come forward in three days, I will draw a new winner the following Monday.

Now, pun on that thinking cap and tell me what you'd make if you won! Looking forward to being inspired!
Good luck!

20 sweethearts left feedback:

Marley said...

WOW!! I love your RAK.. beautiful! I would love to work with those beautiful flowers on lay outs.. Im just a beginner with lay outs, and so I have a lot of roses and other big flowers for on my cards.. but for lay outs in a album I think flat flowers are more beautiful and better! So thats what im gonna do with it if I win.. play with them on lay outs (probably also cards lol) I have put your RAK in my sidebar with a link back to you! hugs, Marley

Shawn said...

I would love to try to color them with the spritz or alcohol mist.

Thanks for the chance :)

Anna Sigga said...

You are on generous girl Zarah!! :D

mforquer said...

OH you are a sweety - as I was reading about the contest I was thinking to myself well I don't have any of those and right when I thought it you mentioned your rak!!! I have to make a few gifts for my mom for her birthday so I got these 3 little wooden plaques to make her some wall hangings and these flowers would look GORGEOUS!!! Thanks so much for the chance!!!

Marina said...

Thanks for conducting this fabulous and generous RAK! I love flowers and I wish I have that much capital to purchase those gorgeous flowers that Prima has but if I win this RAK and receive these flowers, I would allow myself to save some kachings and mist/colour/paint these flowers to match whatever colour I want instead of purchasing individual colours =D Creating custom layouts are awesome but it's even more awesome if I get to custom colour my own embellishment =D

Pia U. said...

I would ofcourse paint and spray those darling CMC flowers to hmmm..turqoise and pink, thats my favs right now and make a canvas out of it with some birds and butterflies
thank you

Camilla Ekman said...

Generous indeed! Wow, I love Petaloo. I would play with mists, alcohol inks, chalk... and of course use some of Petaloo's gorgeous flower centers. *nods*

Kristy said...

I would attempt to make a lovely card for a lovely lady I know :) I spread the word on my twitter and on the SOG FB page

Sarah Rice said...

okay so how have I never seem CMC flowers before?? Oh em gee are there cool! Id probably mist them, ink, them, stickle or doodle depending on the project. Id love some lil blank canvas flowers to play with!!

Leah Martin said...

I have this chipboard M that I've had forever. It would look great as an altered proj for the contest!

LillBlomman said...

Nu följer jag din blogg:) Först bloggen jag någonsin börjat följa, bakåtsträvare jag? Håller tummarna för jag skulle verkligen vilja ha lite mer att jobba med i tävlingen. Kramar!

LillBlomman said...

Och nu insåg jag att jag skulle berätta vad jag skulle göra med dem. Jag skulle leka med hela mitt tekniksortiment i en härlig färgkaos! Massor av kreativitet och inga förbud! Wiiiiii känner du hur jag håller tummarna!

Kathie said...

WHAT WOULD I DO WITH THOSE FLOWERS???? OMG I'd be floraling every LO with matching gorgeous blooms for awhile...AND I could play around with colourings and lots of different mediums as well...Me me please let it be me
Love Kathie
Oh yes I'm a new follower!!! ;)

Tanya Tahir said...

What a generous giveaway! I would colour them using mist sprays, I'd stamp on them. And then I'd use them on layouts and cards. They're gorgeous! And I'm promoting this over at the Nook too, if that counts ;)

Muffin said...

Galet generösa toktös!! Oj, vad jag vill!! Om jag fick lägga vantarna på dina godsaker skulle jag färgmatcha blommorna med övrigt material på något fint kort eller kanske en fin presentförpackning. Nu tar jag tummarna i ett fast grepp och överlåter åt tjejerna att snoppa jordgubbarna till frukosten för jag vågar inte släppa! :D (Följer bloggen så klart.)

Muffin said...

Jag tipsar förresten också om din utlottning HÄR på min blogg och därmed också på fb. :)

Ingrid said...

Hi Zarah, how are you doing? Hope you're ok. This is a lovely RAK Zarah! When I should receive them I would like to make a b-ful layout with them, just as your lo's. You know I love them :-)
And ofcourse I will tell about this RAK on my blog!
Have a nice day hun.
Hugs Ing

krumeluran said...

who would not want to win this grand prize??
I would make lots of cute thank you notes, and beautiful pages if I won it :) (of course I would send you one of the thank you cards ;)
Will put up a link on my blog.. adn uhm Im a follower through networked blogs :)


harbourgal said...

Hi Zarah! Still stalking your blog from NZ!! I just love it now that I now have a little girl to put loads of flowers on her layouts. I am also getting into making some cards so I would love to include some of those flowers on them too. An amazing RAK!!

Annika said...

Oooh, that's a nice RAK! I would love to experiment on them! LOL Color with mists, distress ink, acrylic paint, and stamp on them, give them beautiful, cool and/or wild patterns! Oh, my I wanna start now!