Sunday, August 28, 2011

One weeklong vacation later...

...I'm back home and a bit lonely.

DH is back at work, and we're moving onwards and upwards with our plan to move asap.
I am NOT cut out for this living-apart-dealio. It's four months already, and it's making me nuts. Nutser than I already was, that is. And that's a lot... ;)

Anyhow. We spent a few days in our probably-new-hometown and I have to say that I am positively surprised by how much I liked it. I never spent more than a few minutes/hours/whatever there before, and that was back-in-the-day when I just followed the parental units along and didn't really bother noticing stuff like service personnel, views, museums...
This time I did. ...and I was impressed.
(Impressed and relieved. *phew*)
Since DH and I are total nerds, we spent a bunch of hours at the Tropikariet, a zoo (kind of) with tons of fun animals, like bats, snakes, spiders, scorpions, small monkeys of all kinds, birds, crocodiles and fishes and sharks. It was awesome! I am definitely planning on
1. getting a VIP-pass
2. getting a job there. ;)
You can expect LOs with monkeys, soon!... :P

For now, however, I'm gonna share one of me. Not that there's much of a dfference. Except the monkeys are way cuter. And smaller. And furrier. Maybe slightly cleverer too?
But I digress... Here it is, another one of my four-LOs-in-a-row (from last time DH was home).

Me in Tulum, Mexico:

(Sorry about the blue tint. I am to lazy to re-shoot or re-Photoshop! ;))

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pysselpetra said...

så vacker LO och jag är så glad för din skull att du gillade din blivande stad. Det är en fin stad. Nu bara det där med att hitta en lägenhet - håller tummarna för er.

La Vikinga said...


Gillar också Tulum... sådär så det tar andan ur en!

Har ni varit till Izcaret?

ANNA said...

Hördu sötsnöre... ska du bo bara en ynka timmas bussfärd från min stad ;) Kanske kunde vi träffas någon gång då...

Å jo, jag tror du kommer att trivas där, den stan passar nog dej finfint tror jag.

teacher jessy said...

I am born in the year of monkey so I am curious to see that layout! Lol. I wanna see u scrap monkeys. Hey that layout is gorgeous!!

Kristy said...

YAY! I'm so glad you are going to be moving close to your lovey! You are so awesome! I'd have to be committed if my hubs didn't come home for months! They'd find me rocking in the corner some where with a couple of kids destroying things lol. Your LO is gorgeous!!!

Tanya Tahir said...

Hey Z, just catching up on YOU and wow, you have been busy. I didn't realise you had resigned from all of your DTs. The crafty world is going to miss you and your awesome talents! I LOVE your pages here, so beautiful my dear! I've had to step back from a few things myself, just to clear my head from some crap that's been happening in my life lately. Hope things go smoothly with your move. Miss you xx