Friday, August 12, 2011

Spam comments vs regular ones:

An approximate ratio of 5 to 1.

Not encouraging!
Since I got the .com-addy I have been BOMBARDED with stupid spam. Especially stupid since the goshdarned spammers don't seem to realize I have to accept comments before they show up...
Anyhow: this brings me to the bad news. I will (for a while) turn captchas back on, so you'll need to enter that annoying word verification-phrase before your comment even reaches my email, thus being in the drawing to be approved.
I'm really, really sorry about the inconvenience! (Especially since I loathe captchas, myself.)
I hope you understand?

Promise to turn it back off if/when I can! Asap!

So, anyway: life is swiftly and rapidly changing. DH and I are in the pre-stages of moving, again, since he finally got a "real" job at the place where he's been working, instead of just a temporary one. I really don't WANT to move, but I also really REALLY don't want to keep living away from him, like this, so moving we'll be.
I'm sure it'll be the beginning of a whole new adventure!
We're also making some changes here and there, for the better, and some things have happened that has made our life a lot easier/better/happier than it's been a while. So - I'm pretty content!

"All" we have to do, now, is to save up for another Mexico trip because BOY do I long to be back?!
(Yes. Yes, I very much do!)

I bet DH longs to go diving on the world's seond biggest coral reef again, too. And this time? I think I'll muster up the courage to go with him. Just look at this - see how close to him that HUGE turtle is?
I'm GREEN with envy. Positively GREEN! *nods*

Flowers and leaves: Petaloo

Have a wonderful weekend!

10 sweethearts left feedback:

Willea said...

Sååååå trist med kommentars-grejset - blä!

Underbar layout dock!!

Ska bli så kul att ses igen hemma hos C nästa helg :) :) Kram!!!

Camilla Ekman said...

Jag är mållös!!!! Så himla vacker!!!! Och vilket roligt foto att ha!!!

Flytta??? Varthän???? *håller tummarna för nära Hässleholm*

Christina Carnoy said...

That is such a pretty layout!

Leah Crowe said...

Hmm you're making me rethink the .com aspect... yikes. So sorry you are getting spam.. it's the big suck for sure. LOVE that photograph and how you scrapped it. Congrats to the hubs on his job, and yay for life changes, sounds like good things are in store for you both. :)

Keri said...

Whoa, those diving photos are SOOOO cool, as is the layout! As always, I adore your perfect sense of embellishment! Thanks for such a complimentary blog comment on my blog as was much appreciated. :)

Monica said...

Gillar din grön-turkosa känsla! Gör att hösten inte känns fullt så nära som jag inbillar mig att den är... (Inte för att jag ogillar hösten, tvärtom, men tiden går lite för fort!)

Monica said...

Förresten, jag vill också veta vart ni tar vägen nu! :)

teacher jessy said...

Divine-ness!! Gosh those photos look so good, well it has to be accompanied with an awesome layout!!

pysselpetra said...

Fantastiska foto och vansinnigt vacker layout.
Vi ses på söndag, hoppas att det blir sol så att jag får se dina oversize brillor :)

Anna Pyssloteket said...

Superfin LO!