Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vacation recap...

...the almost-short-on-words but heavy-on-photographies version:

So, as I said: I'm back from a weeklong vacation. DH's only vacation in between ending his short-term-job and starting his full-time-job. Same place, though... We used the week to our bestest of advantages, as you'll see.
A week, if used correctly, can be VERY productive!

There was coffee/lunch+tea at Eva's and Millan's. No pictures from either of these - sorry.
Just believe me. It was lovely!
There was a crawfish party. (I had "green crawfish" = artichokes.) The pie was divine. Thank you, Millan!
There was a get-together at Camilla's. Me, Petra and Helena came over, ate her wonderful bouillabaisse, chatted/laughed/hugged/scrapped/watched (I did the watching as I hadn't brought anything. Not even my mojo.) and forced her hubby to snap photos:

(from left to right: Petra, Helena, Camilla and me.)

There was a quick visit with Matilda and her family where we got apple pie that was yuuuummy... No photos there either. Bad, bad, BAD me! *hangs head low*
There was a trip to Helsingør, Denmark, where DH and I strolled for hours, while we took photos of and in alleys:

...visited Kronborg a.k.a Hamlet's castle where we interrupted all the Japanese tourists (and NO - we're not making fun of them. This is a weird tradition of ours, called "princessing". Long story.) with our antics:

At Kronborg, we continued to ogle-and-swoon-and-snap-an-awful-lot-of-photos all over the place buuuut we also had time for an impromptu dance-recital in the ballroom (won't show it, for your own good... LOL! Believe me - it's not pretty... But fun! :D) and even had time for some Shakesperean goofing off:

By the way: the café outside had "coffee to go or not to go". I looooved that!
After this, we went back into the town of Helsingør where we strolled more, snapped a ton more photos, found what seemed to be a Hobbit-door that DH immediately tried to enter (okay - maaaaybe this shot is a liiiittle bit staged...):

...ate Sri Lankean food that was amazing (totally bringing my family-and-friends there, when they come to visit me after we move! :)), had some seriously yummy Gelato (no, we didn't eat ALL the time. It just seems like it...! ;)), had cider/beer at the town square:

(I know, I know: the photos don't "match"... This is what happens when you have a camera each... ;))

Then there was a boat trip back to Sweden and that pretty much wraps up the trip to Helsingør.
There was also a visit to Helsingborg's beautiful "Kärnan" that same night, where we - obviously - enjoyed the history, stories and view and tried our best to immortalize them though the lenses of our respective cameras. Here are a few examples of what that might look like:

What else was there on our vacation/sightseeing/getting to know our new town-trip?
Well... there was a brand new day (magine that!) which was spent in Helsingborg, rather than across the sound.
There was, as I mentioned before, a visit to the "Tropikariet" which is a privately owned and absolutely AMAZING "zoo" with tons of fun animals, all living in areas that are specially designed to mimic their real environments. There are, among others, reef sharks from the Maldives, there are crocodiles from the rainforest nights (yep. It's night in there. They've turned the time around. ...and there are flying dogs that swoop by you if you're standing still... Very cool!) and monkeys from Madagascar.
I'm not sure if we were more fascinated by the monkeys or they by us. This dude, named Bach, seemed to find us interesting enough to dig up a yummy snack (...) and sit down for a looksie. While I'm personally not too fond of the larvae-snack-diet and honestly can't seem to find it as alluring as, say, a bowl of popcorn - he seemed to enjoy the entertainment...:

The Tropikariet also houses lemurs that roam free in their room and steal cameras if you're not careful... Nah - not to worry. They just wanted to play with the pretty string tied to M's camera and... um.. clean the lens of mine. (I am now the proud owner of an EXTREME close-up of a lemur-tongue. I don't think you need to see it, do you? ;))
Oh! And there's a room where you can actually touch dinosaur bones and teeth, which both DH and I were embarassingly thrilled about. I know, I know. I'm a dork.
The room was a bit dangerous though. Poor DH got eaten by a crocodile...!

(He's a dork, too!! :D)
Down in the harbour, DH proved to be SuperMan as he ran super duper fast between three chairs - and of course I have a super duper speedy camera, too. Or maybe these are triplets? Or maybe I'm Goldilock?
There's also a slight possibility that I have Photoshopped this juuust a teensy weensy bit:

(Um... Remember: we're dorks! ;))
Oh! And DH met one of Kato's black knights from "Mio, my son". He also encountered a Cylon that refused to shake his hand. How rude! Of course, DH exclaimed "No more mr Nice Gaius!" and promptly exterminated it...

(Um... Did I happen to mention that we're TOTAL dorks...?! ;))

What else can I tell you? There was sushi and Japanese beer (when in... Rome?! Uhm...) and then a visit to Bishop's Arms. Then there must have been a night or something like that - because before we knew it it was morning and time to go home.
We took the long road. We checked our DH's working place, met some of the trucks/trailers he's been driving, shopped for veggie food from Ekko Gourmet that haven't expanded this "far up" yet, checked out the sights at the Kullens Lighthouse, at Kullaberg:

Some more sightseeing later, we had lunch at "Rut på Skäret" (which looked small and cosy but was quite classy and rather pricey) and then stopped by a café I've heard TONS about - Flickorna Lundgren - for our dessert: Coffee and cake. Chocolate cake. Not the vanilla hearts, even if they're quite famous.
To round off the vacation, there was also a visit to the birthplace/home of scientist extraordinaire, Carl von Linné:

Such an amazing place, with fun surprises in the surroundings... like oversized ants, huge butterflies and... Um... Whatever this strange creature might be?...

So... All in all: A VERY good (and rather geeky/nerdy/dorky) vacation.
Now: back to the real world with all its "slightly" less fun chores, like vacuuming, doing dishes and setting up meetings with real estate agents to make sure we can move.
Got your fingers crossed?


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Anna said...

Lovely pictures of lovely people... Zarah, I miss you physically! Uhm... Not like that, but... oh, you know what I mean. ;)


ANNA said...

Allt detta på bara en endaste vecka, Cheesuz! vad ni är aktiva... å en massa fint hann ni se, äta och uppleva. *smiles*

Millan said...

Vilken härlig reseskildring! Ni hann verkligen med mycket och det är så kul att få läsa om hur du uppfattat saker och ting! *kram*

Kellie said...

I have been missing my Zarah chats and was wondering what was going on in your side of the world. Looks like you have been living it up and having soooooo much fun. You know your hubby reminds me a bit of Joseph Gordon, random, but you know us and actors lol! Miss ya gorgeous xx

Kristy said...

LOL! Your pics are so fun! It give a great feel to the day :D Love that you hubs is a dork and silly! Mine needs lessons lol

Deanna said...

Fun pics, Z! LOVE the one of you, Camilla, Petra, and Helena. Jealous! Also, your DH looks like Bono with those yellow glasses on. lol! :D

Camilla Ekman said...

Helt ljuuuuuuuvlig semester tillsammans!!
Och tusen tack för besöket hos mig! Det är alltid så kul att ses!!! Kramar i massor!

pysselpetra said...

vilken härlig semester - så glad att jag fick vara med på en liten del ♥

Annika said...

Åh, en så najs semester! Kul!

Kim Sonksen said...

LOVE those pictures of you two!
I have been to Helsingor in May and LOVED it, but I only had about 1 hours for sight seeing. Seeing your pictures makes me wish to go back.
Oh and HOW MUCH does your hubs look like Morton Harket if A-ha in the beer picture?? I thought it was uncanny.

Miss ya chickee xoxo

Laurence said...

Wow looks like you had a veeeerry good time ! Your photos are fabulous !